Israeli settlers attack the Roman Church in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Last night, Israeli settlers attacked the monastery of the Romanian Church in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources reported that settlers set fire to the entrance to the church’s monastery, and fled, before the church’s priest could extinguish it.

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The head of the Supreme Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs, Minister Ramzi Khoury, condemned the settlers ’assault at the entrance to the Roman Church in Jerusalem.

Khoury said in a press statement today, Tuesday, that this attack is the fourth on the monastery itself in less than a month.

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He added that with the continuing attacks on Islamic and Christian holy sites, whether in Jerusalem or Hebron, by Israeli settlers, we cannot say that what is happening is an individual act, as it has become clear that this work is systematic, to empty Jerusalem, especially from Muslims and Christians, and to Judaize the city in favor of the establishment of the Jewish Greater Jerusalem, which the apartheid government has been seeking for years.

Khoury asked that what is the role of the international community today, where is the International Criminal Court, and the United Nations in all that is happening, and why all this silence in front of all the crimes against the Palestinian people, especially Israel’s violation of all international agreements that guarantee freedom of worship and criminalize attacks on sacred things.

Khoury said that Israeli settlers burned the Al-Aqsa Mosque years ago, closed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and invaded the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa courtyards and attacked the worshipers, and in the yard of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

“Jerusalem will remain for us with its churches and mosques, and we will never hesitate to protect it, and protect our deep-rooted existence,” he added.

The Christian Islamic Organization for Supporting Jerusalem and the Holy Places condemned the settlers’ assault on the Romanian Church in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

In a press release, the commission considered that such acts of sabotage not only harm the lives of Christians but also of many who still believe in dialogue and mutual respect and that these acts contradict the spirit of peaceful coexistence between the various religious sects in the city.

It demanded a condemnation of these acts, which were repeated in recent months in Jerusalem, and that these attacks are seriously investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

(Source / 02.03.2021)

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