Israeli settlers commit more crimes in West Bank

Days of Palestine – West Bank – A group of Israeli settlers today, Sunday, set up a tent near the town of Kafr Qalil, south of Nablus, while the Israeli occupation forces uprooted trees and confiscated a vehicle for a citizen in the northern Jordan Valley.

Local sources reported that settlers have set up a settlement tent on the lands belong to Palestinians of the town of Kafr Qalil in Nablus Governorate.

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According to the sources that indicators suggest that this tent is a prelude to the expansion of the “Bracha” settlement, which is built on the village lands.

Bracha settlement was established in 1983, to the south of Nablus. This settlement belongs to the “Gush Amunim” movement.

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This settlement was initially established as a military outpost (Nahal) in 1982, after that, it turned into a permanent settlement in 1983, and is located on parts of Mount Gerizim, specifically on the lands of the villages: Kafr Qalil, Burin, and Iraq Burin.

In another context, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated a Peugeot Partner car of Mohammed Satti Daraghmeh in the Jordan Valley.

Human rights sources indicated that the confiscation of the vehicle took place in conjunction with the bulldozers of the occupation uprooting trees in Khirbet Ainoun in the northern Jordan Valley.

The Jordan Valley is the food basket of Palestine, and it is the area most affected by the annexation project which occupied tens of thousands of dunams of agricultural land.

Several areas in the West Bank, especially in the Jordan Valley and villages adjacent to the settlements, are under constant attack with the aim of confiscating more lands, building a settlement road, and displacing the population.

(Source /15.02.2021)

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