Two Jerusalem Families Forced To Demolish Own Homes, Sheds

On Sunday and Monday, Israeli soldiers forced Palestinian families from the occupied capital, Jerusalem, to demolish their homes and sheds, under the pretext of being built without permits.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported that the Israeli authorities issued, over the past few days, many demolition orders targeting homes and structures, owned by members of the families of Awadallah, Siyam and Nimir.

Silwanic added that the families had to demolish their owned properties to avoid the excessively high fines and fees that they would pay in addition to the demolition costs if the city council carried the demolitions out using its own workers and vehicles.

Resident Jihad Awadallah said that his family had to demolish its two-story home, which was built twenty years ago, in Shu’fat town, northeast of Jerusalem.

Jihad added that his family tried to obtain all needed permits, and already paid high costs and fees; however, the city instead issued another 120.000 Shekels fine.

Jihad also said that the property was 120 square/meters, adding that his brother lived in one floor of the building, but now the family had to rent an apartment to shelter themselves.

In addition, the army forced Nimir Nimer to demolish his son’s 90 square/feet flat in Sur Baher, southeast of Jerusalem.

Nimir said the flat was built five years ago, adding that the family was still finalizing its construction due to financial issues, but the City Council decided to level it and informed the family that they have to destroy their property or face the high fines and fees.

Furthermore, resident Omar Siyam was forced to demolish a barn he owns in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

While Israel continues to build and expand its illegal colonies, Palestinian communities, and towns, in occupied Jerusalem, and various areas in the occupied West Bank, continue to be denied the right to build homes and property.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

At least three 15-year-olds among dozens arrested in Israeli night raids last night

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- The Israeli army arrested dozens of citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem last night, including at least three children as young as 15 years old.

Local sources said an Israeli force broke into Deir Nizam in the North-West of Ramallah and arrested Ibrahim Tamimi, Abdurrahman Tamimi, and Ubai Tamimi.

The Israeli army also arrested Qusai Bazzar after breaking into his house in Sarda in northern Ramallah.

In the same vein, the Israeli army arrested Saif Qaqwasmi after breaking into his family’s house in Al Ram in northern Jerusalem.

Israeli forces also broke into Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem, arresting Tareq Abu Srour and taking him to an unknown place.

An Israeli force also arrested Mazen Abu Arrub from his house in Qabatya, Jenin.

Local sources said that the Israeli army arrested the children Mahdi Ali Saleh and Udai Tamim Saleh in addition to Shukri Hasan Lutfi from the village of Araqa in western Jenin.

They also arrested Hatem Dweikat after breaking into his house in Balatah in eastern Nablus.

Another Israeli unit arrested Wisam Hattawi and Zuheir Hattawi from occupied Jerusalem.

In Azzun, an Israeli force arrested Saleem Samer Badwan and took him to an unknown place.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

Canada buys drones ‘Israel’ “tested” on Palestinians

Canada is purchasing a “civilian” version of the Hermes 900 drone made by Israel’s largest privately-owned arms company, Elbit Systems, Electronic Intifada reported.

The deal which was announced in December by Canada’s transport ministry is worth $28 million.

As Israeli media reported, the Hermes 900 was first “tested” by ‘Israel’ during its 2014 war on Gaza, when it killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 550 children, in attacks that frequently obliterated entire families.

“The air force used the Hermes 900 in Gaza in the final days of Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, even though it was still in the initial stages of being adopted by the IDF,” said the Globes, Israel Business News.

Aa a major weapons supplier to the Israeli military, Elbit was deeply involved in, and reaped huge profits from, that attack on Gaza.

Canada is greenwashing the purchase from Elbit by claiming the drones will be used for surveillance of the Arctic region, including “to detect oil spills, survey ice and marine habitats.”

The Trudeau government claims that this purchase will help “to keep our waters clean and safe.”

In fact, what it will do is put money into the hands of Israel’s blood-soaked arms industry, effectively rewarding it for perpetrating war crimes whose investigation and prosecution Trudeau opposes.

Canada opposed the ICC ruling that it has jurisdiction to open a criminal investigation into ‘Israel’ for war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, saying it “does not recognize a Palestinian state.”

“Canada is firmly committed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We continue to support the goal of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, including the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel. The creation of a Palestinian state can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties,” Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said.

“Until such negotiations succeed, Canada’s longstanding position remains that it does not recognize a Palestinian state and therefore does not recognize its accession to international treaties, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Canada has communicated this position to the Court on various occasions.”

Canada is firmly committed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Until such negotiations succeed, Canada’s longstanding position remains the same. We will continue to support the @IntlCrimCourt and its critical work. My statement:


While the Trudeau government claims to be a global champion of human rights, it has massively expanded its arms trade with Saudi Arabia, despite that country’s brutal war on Yemen.

Last month, activists protested the Trudeau policy by blocking the entrance of a Hamilton, Ontario, factory that ships weapons to the Saudis.

More photos from today’s action…activists blocked trucks at @PaddockTrans, a Hamilton-area transportation company involved in shipping Canadian-made, light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. #CanadaStopArmingSaudi#YemenCantWait#StopArmingSaudi


And now Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, an advocacy group, is urging Canadians to write the Trudeau government opposing the Elbit deal.

“Through this purchase, Canada directly supports the profits of a weapons company responsible for ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians,” CJPME says in an action alert.

As CJPME notes in a useful backgrounder, Elbit brags that the “civilian” drones Trudeau’s government is purchasing draw on the “legacy” of its killer drones used on Palestinians.

And now Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, an advocacy group, is urging Canadians to write the Trudeau government opposing the Elbit deal.

“Through this purchase, Canada directly supports the profits of a weapons company responsible for ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians,” CJPME says in an action alert.

As CJPME notes in a useful backgrounder, Elbit brags that the “civilian” drones Trudeau’s government is purchasing draw on the “legacy” of its killer drones used on Palestinians.

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East@CJPME·Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems is deeply involved in violations of human rights. Why should Canada give it $36m? Tell @OmarAlghabra: Canada must cancel the drone contract!…@JustinTrudeau@MarcGarneau@AnitaOakville#cdnpoli#StopElbitDrone


(Source / 15.02.2021)

‘Israel’ releases critically ill Palestinian prisoner after serving 20-year sentence

Israeli occupation authorities have released today a Palestinian prisoner who was diagnosed with leukemia and reported to be in critical condition after serving 20-year sentence, according to the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees.

The spokesman for the Commission Hassan Abed Rabbo told WAFA that Hussein Masalmeh, 39 years old, from the town of al-Khader, near Bethlehem, was uncuffed and left in his hospital bed as the Israeli prison guards watching him has also left the hospital.

Masalmeh was recently moved from prison to an Israeli hospital following serious deterioration on his health.

The Israeli occupation authorities yesterday issued an order to free Masalmeh, who is believed to have only a few days to live following serious deterioration of his health after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Masalmeh was arrested in 2002 for resisting the occupation and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Abed Rabbo said Masalmeh remains in very serious condition and is being kept in intensive care at the Israeli hospital in a semi-coma condition with severe pain all over his body.

The Commission is considering moving him to a Palestinian hospital so that his family can be with him, he said.

According to the Palestinian statics, 4500 Palestinians have been imprisoned in Israeli jails, among them 37 women, 140 children and 45 held in administrative detention.

Israeli occupation detained 456 Palestinians during this January, including 93 minors and 8 women.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

International agreement to supply the Gaza power plant with “Israeli” gas

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” revealed, on Sunday, the signing of an international agreement to supply “Israeli” gas to Gaza.

The newspaper said that the United Nations, the European Union, and Qatar managed to reach an agreement, on Sunday, regarding the installation of the Gaza power plant supplying gas system from Israel.

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It pointed out that negotiations on this issue continued for several years, and the agreement is expected to lead to a significant improvement in the crumbling electricity economy in the Gaza Strip.

Yediot Aharonot pointed out that this procedure needs the approval of the political leadership in Israel.

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The newspaper quoted Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz as saying that the international agreement to supply natural gas from Israel to the Gaza power plant, was made in full coordination with us.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

A child was injured by a bomb left by Israeli forces in Jericho

Days of Palestine – Jericho – A Palestinian child today, Monday, was injured in the explosion of a stun grenade left over from the Israeli occupation in Aqbat Jaber camp, south of Jericho.

According to local sources, the 10-year-old boy was injured in the hand, and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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The sources said that the child was injured while he was near the cemetery area in the camp, which is witnessing continuous confrontations with the Israeli occupation.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

Israeli settlers commit more crimes in West Bank

Days of Palestine – West Bank – A group of Israeli settlers today, Sunday, set up a tent near the town of Kafr Qalil, south of Nablus, while the Israeli occupation forces uprooted trees and confiscated a vehicle for a citizen in the northern Jordan Valley.

Local sources reported that settlers have set up a settlement tent on the lands belong to Palestinians of the town of Kafr Qalil in Nablus Governorate.

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According to the sources that indicators suggest that this tent is a prelude to the expansion of the “Bracha” settlement, which is built on the village lands.

Bracha settlement was established in 1983, to the south of Nablus. This settlement belongs to the “Gush Amunim” movement.

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This settlement was initially established as a military outpost (Nahal) in 1982, after that, it turned into a permanent settlement in 1983, and is located on parts of Mount Gerizim, specifically on the lands of the villages: Kafr Qalil, Burin, and Iraq Burin.

In another context, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated a Peugeot Partner car of Mohammed Satti Daraghmeh in the Jordan Valley.

Human rights sources indicated that the confiscation of the vehicle took place in conjunction with the bulldozers of the occupation uprooting trees in Khirbet Ainoun in the northern Jordan Valley.

The Jordan Valley is the food basket of Palestine, and it is the area most affected by the annexation project which occupied tens of thousands of dunams of agricultural land.

Several areas in the West Bank, especially in the Jordan Valley and villages adjacent to the settlements, are under constant attack with the aim of confiscating more lands, building a settlement road, and displacing the population.

(Source /15.02.2021)

The occupation uproots a thousand tree seedlings, east of Tubas

Days of Palestine – Tubas – The Israeli occupation forces on Sunday uprooted about a thousand forest tree seedlings in the “Ainoun” area, east of Tubas, and seized them. 

Tubas Agriculture Director, Jaafar Salahat, stated that the occupation forces raided the aforementioned area and uprooted a thousand seedlings. 

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The Ministry of Agriculture had replanted the trees, instead of the ones that were removed by IOF . 

last January, the occupation forces uprooted about 10 thousand forest trees in “Ainoun” area, east of Tubas, planted on an area of ​​200 dunams.

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(Source / 15.02.2021)

Report: Israeli settlers uproot more than 15 thousand trees during January

Days of Palestine – West Bank – The agricultural committees of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees monitored the uprooting of 15,315 trees by the occupation forces and settlers during the month of January, which varied between olive, nuts and forest trees in different areas of the West Bank, in addition to the razing and approving the confiscation of about a thousand dunams.

The committees explained in their monthly report, according to what came together, that the Israeli occupation forces had suppressed demonstrations against the confiscation of land and settlement expansion in different areas of the West Bank governorates, which resulted in dozens of injuries with rubber-coated metal bullets in addition to cases of suffocation.

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The committees added that at the beginning of the year there were 7 attacks by settlers against farmers and shepherds, such as assaulting them while plowing their lands and attacking shepherds in Kfar Malik, Yatta and other areas, in addition to flooding agricultural land with wastewater in Bethlehem Governorate, and burying dozens of trees in the governorate of Salfit after adding tons of rubbish on it.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces demolished retaining walls and 6 fences, in addition to demolishing a well to collect water, dismantling a plastic house, tents and barns belonging to five families in the Jordan Valley. 

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They also confiscated 4 water tanks, agricultural equipment and two agricultural jars. 

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces carried out 25 violations, including shooting attacks against agricultural lands, and chasing and shooting at fishermen’s boats.

It is noteworthy that the Union of Agricultural Work Committees issues a monthly report documenting the attacks of the Israeli occupation army and settlers on the agricultural sector in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, through its agricultural committees spread across the governorates.

(Source / 15.02.2021)

Israeli bulldozers infiltrate dozens of meters into the northern Gaza Strip

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Israeli military bulldozers on Monday morning carried out a small-scale incursion into the east of Jabalia town in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to local sources, three bulldozers and three tanks breached the borders and trampled on agricultural land and farms dozens of meters inside the borders, destroying land and building dirt mounds while shooting in the air and firing smoke canisters to obscure the raid.

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Israeli army drones could be seen flying in the eastern parts of the town as well as the Gaza city.

The eastern border areas of Gaza are repeatedly exposed to Israeli military incursions and gunfire attacks.

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(Source / 15.02.2021)