Israeli police storm at-Tur village, clash with local youths


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC) – Violent clashes broke out at dawn between Palestinian young men and Israeli police forces in at-Tur village, east Jerusalem.

According to local sources, police forces stormed al-Khilla area of the village and fired volleys of tear gas and stun grenades at local youths during clashes with them.

Meanwhile, a large number of police forces were deployed at the Aqsa Mosque’s gates and entrances at dawn and obstructed the movement of Muslim worshipers as they flocked to the holy site for the Fajr prayer.

Last night, police officers savagely beat Palestinian young men in Bab al-Amud of the Old City near the Aqsa Mosque and forced them to leave the area.

(Source / 13.02.2021)

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