Israeli plan to build 900 settlement units east of Jerusalem

An Israeli report uncovered an expansion plan for the “Pisgat Zeev” settlement, which is built on the occupied Palestinian lands north of Jerusalem and includes the construction of 900 settlement units.

The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Today” said that the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem revealed a comprehensive plan to expand the settlement with a value of more than 107 million US dollars.

“The plan includes a variety of areas which are public spaces, community life, education, sports, culture, entertainment, transportation, and local business,” the report added.

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“In the field of planning and construction, about 900 (settlement) housing units have been added, and plots of land will be marketed to build about 680 units and about 250 luxury housing units,” it stated.

The newspaper indicated that the Israeli occupation authorities will begin work in the coming months, linking the settlement with West Jerusalem, through the “light train” line, and if the plan is actually implemented, it will be the first since US President Joe Biden arrived at the White House last month.

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The “Pisgat Zeev” settlement is located on the lands of the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem.

(Source / 10.02.2021)

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