Israeli navy targets fishermen’s boats in the sea of ​​Gaza

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Israeli occupation forces today, Monday,  targeted fishermen’s boats in the sea of ​​the Gaza Strip, causing damage to boats.

The Federation of Fishermen’s Committees said, in a brief statement that the Israeli occupation navy targeted the fishermen’s boats west of Gaza City, 6 nautical miles away, inflicting damage on the boats without any casualties.

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The spokesman for the Israeli occupation army spoke of thwarting the smuggling of weapons by an Israeli warplane that bombed a fishing boat, but he deleted this news.

The Israeli occupation forces continue to target fishermen almost daily, forcing some of them to leave the sea, and injuring and arresting a number of them.

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The Israeli occupation government takes such decisions, as part of the restrictions imposed on the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged since 2006.

Working in the fishing profession is about 4 thousand Palestinian fishermen, in addition to 1500 workers associated with the profession of fishing, who support about 60 thousand people, most of whom have fallen under the poverty line due to the occupation measures against them, according to the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.

(Source / 09.02.2021)

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