Nofal family: Israel and its settlers executed our son Khaled

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The family of the martyr Khaled Nofal from the town of Ras Karkar near Ramallah confirmed that what happened with her son – Friday dawn – was an execution carried out by the Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers.

The family indicated that her son is married and father of a child, and he went to the Qemat Al-Rayyan area at dawn, where his land was to be built, but the Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers executed him as soon as he arrived in the area.

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The family said that Khaled went to his land, which is a right to him as one of the forms of clinging to the land, as he was going to rebuild it because he owns dozens of agricultural dunums.

The family confirmed that her son was not armed with anything, and the Israeli occupation soldiers could force him to leave or arrest him in the worst case, but the criminal mentality of the occupation soldiers and settlers is what made them carry out the execution against him.

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The family indicated that the Israeli occupation soldiers stormed the house and brought some of the martyr’s belongings to identify them, as his vehicle, which he was traveling in, was confiscated before his death.

At dawn today, Palestinian sources announced the martyrdom of the young Khaled Maher Nofal, 31, from the village of Ras Karkar, west of Ramallah, by a settler shot on top of Jabal Al-Risan.

A spokesman for the Israeli occupation army claimed that a Palestinian arrived in his car to the settlement of “Ephraim”, and claimed that he tried to storm the house of a settler who shot the young man, which led to his death on the spot.

(Source / 06.02.2021)

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