Hamas mourns the Palestinian youth killed by Israel

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas Movement mourned the martyr of Palestine “Khaled Maher Nofal” from Ras Karkar in Ramallah governorate, who was shot dead by a malevolent settler who seized his land, fenced it, and prevented him from reaching it.

In a press release Friday, Hamas said that the execution of the martyr Khaled Nofal is a complex crime and expresses the sadism of the Israeli occupation and its crime by seizing Palestinian land and denying him access to it, and then killing him if he tries to retrieve it.

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It added that the escalation of killings near settlements and Israeli occupation checkpoints in the West Bank cities, in which 3 martyrs were killed within one week, is an attempt by the Israeli occupation and its leaders to deter the Palestinian people from continuing their way to defend their land and confront the settlement project that has been disrupted by the resistance of Palestinian youth in the West Bank with stones, Molotov cocktails, and individual armed operations.

The Movement salutes the people of the village of Ras Karkar, which is locked in a heroic confrontation with the settlements in Jabal Raysan, and it will remain Palestinian, and the Israeli outposts will go away.

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Hamas affirms that activating all forms of resistance is capable of curbing the aggression and expelling settlements.

(Source / 06.02.2021)

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