Adalah Center: “Israel’s police force routinely treats Palestinian citizens as an enemy”

Adalah , the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights, has condemned “in the strongest possible terms the shooting by Israeli police officers” in the occupied city of Tamra inside the Green Line on Monday, leaving a nursing student dead.

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel about 3 weeks ago

Adalah responds to Israeli police violence at Nazareth protest against visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, 13.01.2021:

“The demonstrators in Nazareth sought to express their protest in legal and legitimate ways, and the police were supposed to have defended their right to do so. Instead, Israeli officers employed violence against them. This violence is a product of the very same systemic racism and incitement targeting Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel against which people were protesting today in Nazareth.”

Adalah’s legal team and volunteer lawyers are on-site to provide aid to protesters and detainees.

Ahmad Hejazi, a 22-year-old Palestinian nursing student, was killed when Israeli occupation police opened fire with assault rifles in a residential area of the town.

Ahmad, however, was visiting a friend in the area.

“Even before an investigation has been conducted into this most recent Israeli police killing of a Palestinian citizen of the state, Israel’s northern district police commander already declared on live TV that there was no operational mishap in the incident in which 22-year-old Tamra resident and nursing student Ahmad Hejazi was killed,” Adalah said in a statement.

It continued, “A residential neighborhood was turned into a battlefield and police gunfire once again harmed innocent Palestinian citizens, but Israeli police commander Shimon Lavi immediately heaped praise upon his officers.”

“This is what it looks like when Israel’s police force routinely treats Palestinian citizens as an enemy and whitewashes its deadly actions.”

“For too long, Israel has ignored the issue of internal violence within Arab communities and has not taken any measures to curb violence. The situation has become disastrous, leading to police invasions of Tamra – this most recent of which turned deadly.”

(Source / 04.02.2021)

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