Israeli INSS calls for influencing Palestine elections results

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Two researchers at the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) called on the Israeli government to “use its security channels and partners in the world to look through Mahmoud Abbas’ call for elections in order to decide what political path it [the occupation state] would take.” They also called on their government to influence the elections’ results, according to The New Arab.

A report, made by Kobi Michael and Yohanan Tzoreff, who have served previously in the Israeli military intelligence, said that “the chance of Hamas to win the elections does exist”, stressing that the movement’s stakes are higher than Fatah’s.

The researchers called on their government to take measures that would decrease Hamas’ chances, stressing that ‘Israel’ does not prefer to see Palestinian elections being held.

(Source / 03.02.2021)

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