The occupation forces launch a demolition campaign in the northern Jordan Valley

Days of Palestine – Jordan Valley – Today, Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces began a campaign of demolishing agricultural facilities in Khirbet Homs Al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley.

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Human rights activist, Aref Daraghmeh, said that a military force stormed the area accompanied by bulldozers and trucks and began a campaign to demolish the residents’ facilities.

Local official, Mutaz Bisharat, also said that the occupation forces have destroyed tents owned by three Palestinian families and seized a privately-owned car, as the operation was still ongoing.

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He confirmed that the occupation forces have so far demolished tents belonging to Harb Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, Muhammad Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, and Walid Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, and a private car was seized, and the operation is still ongoing.

Khirbet Homsa al-Fawqa was demolished in November of last year in Israel’s efforts to empty the Jordan Valley of its Palestinian residents.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

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