Settlers plant trees in Palestinian lands in Hebron to seize them

Days of Palestine – Hebron – Israeli settlers today, Sunday,  planted trees in the lands of the towns of “Idna” and “Tarqumiya”, northwest of Hebron, in order to take them over.

The mayor of Tarqumiya municipality, Abdel Moneim Fatafta, said that a group of “Telem and Dora” settlers, broke into the lands of the Palestinian citizens, began planting olive and forest trees in the “Sha`b Al-Masry” and “Khallet Amer” area from the lands of the two towns.

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Fatafta added that the Israeli occupation has for some time been preventing the owners of these lands from accessing them, estimating the target area of ​​land in thousands of dunams, and the occupation seeks to seize it in the interest of settlement expansion and linking the settlements together.

Hebron is the second city after Jerusalem in the settlement-targeting priorities of the Israeli occupation authorities due to its historical and religious importance.

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Hebron suffers from the presence of more than fifty settlement outposts in which about thirty thousand settlers reside, and they are working to strengthen the overall grip on the city.

The Israeli occupation government and settlement groups are speeding up time in order to gain control of the largest possible amount of land, establish more settlements, and pave roads, taking advantage of the preoccupation with the Coronavirus.

Palestinian estimates indicate that there are about 650,000 settlers in settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, living in 164 settlements and 116 outposts.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

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