Israeli Forces Invade Jayyours Village; Injure One Palestinian

A Palestinian youth was injured on Saturday night when Israeli forces invaded the village, known for its decade-long weekly non-violent protests against the Israeli takeover of their land.

The soldiers were met by stone throwing youth who tried to get the soldiers to leave their village.

According to local sources, the Israeli soldiers involved in the invasion began firing rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas toward the village youth, as well as stun grenades.

A young Palestinian man, who has not yet been identified, was hit by a rubber-coated steel bullet, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

These bullets are supposedly ‘less than lethal’, but they have caused numerous deaths among Palestinians when they are fired by Israeli soldiers shooting at close range.

Tear gas also seeped into homes in the village, causing villagers to be awakened and to suffer from tear gas inhalation.

Sharif Omar, one of the local farmers cut off from their lands due to the Israeli Annexation Wall, wrote for the Electronic Intifada about his village, “Before the Wall, Jayyous had six agricultural roads. Now five are blocked. The only way to go to our farms is through the remaining road that leads to the gate in the Wall.

“We used to go to our farms whenever we wanted, preferring to work in the early morning and evening when the sun is not so hot. Now we are only “permitted” to go to and from the farms according to the Israeli military. The gate is supposed to be open at 7:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM, but most of the time this schedule is disregarded. We end up waiting for hours for the soldiers to let us through.

“Before the Wall, merchants used to come to our farms and purchase our produce. This was very important for our economic survival because Israeli checkpoints were already stopping our trucks traveling from Palestinian farmland to Palestinian cities. Now the merchants cannot come to our farms. The only place we can sell our produce is in small villages, where we get a much lower price.

“Before the Wall, we could pay Palestinian workers to help work our land. Now non-land owners cannot pass through the gate, so we cannot get the help we need and many farm workers have lost their jobs. A lot of good land is now left uncultivated and many farmers have had to abandon their land altogether.

“Without regular irrigation, thousands of citrus trees have died and there are now less than half the greenhouses that there were before the Wall. Often, farmers who still try to make a living off their land are held up by soldiers for so long at the gate that their harvested fruit rots before they can market it.

“Now, many people in Jayyous rely on humanitarian assistance to survive because their land lies inaccessible, just on the other side of the Wall.”

The Israeli military provided no explanation for their late-night invasion of the small farming village on Saturday night.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

WHO: 59 Israeli attacks against Palestinian health care in OPT

Jerusalem (QNN)- World Health Organization(WHO) recorded 59 Israeli attacks against Palestinian health care in the occupied Palestinian territory in 2020, according to WHO latest report.

WHO in occupied Palestinian territory@WHOoPt

Over a quarter (29%) of Gaza patients not approved permits while health attacks continue during COVID-19.


Read more in WHO’s December Health Access report: p.m. · 31 jan. 2021·Twitter Web

“Of these, 42 per cent (25) involved obstruction to the delivery of health care services, including 12 incidents of obstructing access for ambulances to reach persons who had been fatally wounded,” WHO said in the report.

“Meanwhile, 61% of incidents (36) involved physical violence against health workers, ambulances, and health facilities, and six incidents involved the detention of health care workers, ambulances, patients, and patient companions.”

From October to December 2020, WHO recorded 15 health attacks in the occupied Palestinian territory. Of these, seven involved
physical attacks against Palestinian health workers, ambulances, and health facilities, and nine involved obstructions to health care delivery, including five incidents of obstruction of access for health teams to persons fatally injured.

The WHO said that Israeli attacks against health care in the occupied Palestinian territory has persisted in 2020, “despite a reduction in recorded attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic and following the end of the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip.”

The WHO has called for the protection of health care and an end to attacks, saying it is working to enhance monitoring and support systems for health care workers and to strengthen the voices of those affected.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

Two Israeli drones downed in Gaza, Lebanon within a few hours

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Lebanon’s Hezbollah has announced that it seized an Israeli drone that infiltrated the Lebanese airspace today.

The party said in a statement issued today, that an Israeli drone was flying in the airspace of the village of Blida in Lebanon’s South.

On the other hand, the Israeli army confirmed Hezbollah’s statement.

In the same vein, the Israeli army had announced that another drone was downed near Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing in northern Gaza last night.

The resistance has developed its arsenal, which enabled it to down several Israeli drones that infiltrated Gaza airspace.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

‘Israel’ targets locals of Hamsa al Foqa in preparation for ethnically cleansing them

Tubas (QNN)- The popular committees against the Wall and the settlements made an urgent appeal for international institutions, the International Criminal Court (ICC), Security Council, The United Nations, and the European Union to intervene and stop the Israeli forced displacement and ethnic cleansing in the village of Hamsa Al Foqa in the northern Jordan Valley.

The committee said the Israeli army has forcefully displaced nearly 70 native Palestinians from the village to surrounding areas.

Local sources said the locals of the village have been left out in the open after the Israeli army confiscated their tin houses and sheep pens.

The Israeli army will carry out in the next a few hours an operation to forcefully displace the entire village in order to replace them with settlers.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

The occupation arrests two Palestinians from Hebron

Days of Palestine – Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces on Monday arrested two Palestinian citizens from Hebron, in the southern West Bank.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested a young man from Hebron, Abdul Halim Sharif Muhammad Abdel Halim Al-Owewi (20 years), after storming his house in the Ain Sarah neighborhood, seizing his family’s cell phones, and tampering with the contents of their home.

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It added that the occupation forces stormed the Naqah Noah neighborhood in the town of Dura, south of Hebron, and arrested Luay Munjid Qazzaz, 25, after searching his house and vandalizing its contents.

In the same context, the occupation forces set up several military checkpoints at the northern and southern entrances to the city of Hebron, and at the entrances to the towns of Sa’ir and Halhul, and stopped citizens’ vehicles, searched them, and checked the cards of their passengers, obstructing their movement.

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(Source / 01.02.2021)

The occupation forces launch a demolition campaign in the northern Jordan Valley

Days of Palestine – Jordan Valley – Today, Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces began a campaign of demolishing agricultural facilities in Khirbet Homs Al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley.

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Human rights activist, Aref Daraghmeh, said that a military force stormed the area accompanied by bulldozers and trucks and began a campaign to demolish the residents’ facilities.

Local official, Mutaz Bisharat, also said that the occupation forces have destroyed tents owned by three Palestinian families and seized a privately-owned car, as the operation was still ongoing.

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He confirmed that the occupation forces have so far demolished tents belonging to Harb Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, Muhammad Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, and Walid Suleiman Abu al-Kabbash, and a private car was seized, and the operation is still ongoing.

Khirbet Homsa al-Fawqa was demolished in November of last year in Israel’s efforts to empty the Jordan Valley of its Palestinian residents.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

Israeli forces injure two Palestinians in Jenin

Days of Palestine – Jenin – Palestinian Residents of the towns of Araba and Anin, shot by the Israeli occupation forces, while they were near the apartheid wall, near the town of Barta’a, southwest of Jenin.

Local sources said that the occupation forces shot at the two Palestinian citizens while they were near the apartheid wall, which led to one of them being shot in the feet, and he was taken to hospital for treatment, and the other was detained there before he was handed over to the ambulance.

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(Source / 01.02.2021)

The Government Media Office in Gaza condemns the hosting of Al-Ghad channel to the Israeli war criminal Gantz

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The government media office in Gaza condemned the hosting of Al-Ghad channel, the Israeli war criminal, and the Minister of the Israeli occupation army, “Benny Gantz.”

In a statement on Monday evening, the Office said that Gantz had stained his hands with the blood of the Palestinian people, and sent through this window his threats to a number of national components, and brazenly published a description of the capabilities of his usurper entity on the world and the region, in a behavior full of arrogance and defiance to the feelings of the Arab and Islamic nation.

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The Media Office expressed its regret for the hosting and indicated that it was supposed to be part of the Arab support tools that defend the rights of Palestinian people, and who deny the criminal policies of the Israeli occupation.

The Office considered what happened to coincide with the state of rushing to normalize with the Israeli occupation by some Arab regimes, as well as the fact that such hosting of figures from the occupation state goes beyond the professional and national Arab dimension, which affects the feelings of millions of supporters of Palestinian rights.

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It also emphasized the principled position rejecting any form of media normalization with the Israeli occupation and called on all Arab media outlets not to open a window through which the “Israeli” war criminals would view the Arab citizen.

The government media office called on Al-Ghad TV to retreat from this disgraceful behavior, and to apologize to the Arab citizen whose heart is still beating in love for Palestine, and to reject normalization with the occupier.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa and arrest a young man from Silwan

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Dozens of settlers on Sunday morning, storming the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and performing Talmudic rituals there, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, while the occupation intelligence arrested a young man from the town of Silwan.

Local sources reported that dozens of Israeli settlers stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning, under the strict protection of the Israeli occupation forces, despite the continuing comprehensive closure in the holy city.

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These incursions are part of the daily tours that start from Mughrabi Gate to Bab Al Silsila, passing through the Bab Al Rahma area, during which Talmudic rituals are performed.

In addition, the Israeli occupation intelligence arrested the president of Silwan Club, Marwan Al-Ghoul, after it stormed his home in the central neighborhood in the town of Silwan.

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In addition, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Silwan Club, conducting searches and sabotaging its contents.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is witnessing daily, except for Friday and Saturday, incursions and violations by settlers and the occupation police, and on two periods in the morning and evening.

The settler incursions came despite the continued complete closure of the Holy City, and the emphasis placed on Jerusalemites to prevent them from accessing the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Calls continued for all Muslims in the occupied Palestinian interior, the people of Jerusalem, and those who can reach the Al-Aqsa residents of the West Bank, to intensify the journey towards the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild it with worshipers and stationers, in order to thwart the settlers’ plans.

(Source / 01.02.2021)

Settlers plant trees in Palestinian lands in Hebron to seize them

Days of Palestine – Hebron – Israeli settlers today, Sunday,  planted trees in the lands of the towns of “Idna” and “Tarqumiya”, northwest of Hebron, in order to take them over.

The mayor of Tarqumiya municipality, Abdel Moneim Fatafta, said that a group of “Telem and Dora” settlers, broke into the lands of the Palestinian citizens, began planting olive and forest trees in the “Sha`b Al-Masry” and “Khallet Amer” area from the lands of the two towns.

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Fatafta added that the Israeli occupation has for some time been preventing the owners of these lands from accessing them, estimating the target area of ​​land in thousands of dunams, and the occupation seeks to seize it in the interest of settlement expansion and linking the settlements together.

Hebron is the second city after Jerusalem in the settlement-targeting priorities of the Israeli occupation authorities due to its historical and religious importance.

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Hebron suffers from the presence of more than fifty settlement outposts in which about thirty thousand settlers reside, and they are working to strengthen the overall grip on the city.

The Israeli occupation government and settlement groups are speeding up time in order to gain control of the largest possible amount of land, establish more settlements, and pave roads, taking advantage of the preoccupation with the Coronavirus.

Palestinian estimates indicate that there are about 650,000 settlers in settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, living in 164 settlements and 116 outposts.

(Source / 01.02.2021)