Report: Israel continues its war on Jordan Valley with settlement

Days of Palestine – Jordan Valley – Since the beginning of this year, Jordan Valley has witnessed arbitrary measures, represented by more notifications of demolishing homes and facilities and uprooting thousands of forest and fruit trees, according to an official report.

A weekly report, issued by the National Bureau for Land Defense and Resistance to Settlement, said today, Saturday that the “Ainoun Nature Reserve”, east of Tubas, was this time the direct target of the Israeli occupation forces.

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In a new crime, the Israeli occupation uprooted and destroyed about 10 thousand forest trees, in addition to 300 olives trees, which were planted eight years ago, as part of the Palestine Greening Program with the support of the Brazilian Consulate in Palestine, in an area extending over an area of ​​400 dunams.

The report emphasized that the Israeli occupation was not satisfied with that crime, but rather sprayed the places of uprooted forest trees with pesticides, lest they grow again with the aim of using them as open military training yards.

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The report pointed out that the “Ainoun reserve” was not the first to be targeted, explaining that “Naftali Bennett”, the former occupation war minister, previously announced last year 2020 that seven sites in the West Bank were new “nature reserves”, and that they were expanding 12 another “natural reserve” in the West Bank, and at the same time he instructed the so-called Civil Administration to act according to the needs of settlement projects and plans.

In the context of their “war on the Jordan Valley,” the Israeli occupation authorities stormed “Khirbet al-Maita”, which is affiliated with “Wadi al-Malih”, and delivered 20 notices to stop construction in a large number of homes and facilities, which include tents and livestock sheds for 19 Palestinian families.

The Israeli occupation dismantled 8 stockyards for livestock in the “Burj area” in the northern Jordan Valley for five families, claiming that they were in nature reserves, and demolished a residential tent and a sheep pen, and seized them.

According to the report; the Israeli occupation authorities are planning to transform what they call nature reserves into a vital area for settlement activities, just as it was the case last year when settlers established two settlement outposts on the lands of “Al-Muzuqah” and “Al-Sweida” in the northern Jordan Valley.

(Source / 30.01.2021)

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