Report: 200 Palestinian prisoners infected with coronavirus since the beginning of 2021

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said on Saturday that 200 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails have been infected with the coronavirus since the beginning of this year, which brings the total number of infections to 340, most of them concentrated in the prisons of “Ramon” and the “Negev”.

The commission’s advisor, Hassan Abed Rabbo, stated that five prisoners were transferred to Israeli hospitals and the “Ramla” prison clinic due to the deterioration of their health conditions due to the complications of coronavirus infection.

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The five prisoners are identified as Basil Ajaj, sentenced to life imprisonment, Abdel-Moez Al-Jaaba, Nafez Al-Hajj, Ayman Sidr, and recently the most prominent case of Khaled Ghezan.

Abed Rabbo indicated, in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, that a state of anxiety prevails among the prisoners and their families, due to the interruption of visits, in the context of the deterioration of the health status of a number of prisoners, as a result of the deliberate medical negligence of the Israeli occupation prisons’ administration.

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The Israeli occupation court rejected the petition submitted by the authority to release the prisoner Hussein Masalmeh, who has cancer, as he is now in Soroka Hospital, and his case will be considered next Wednesday.

Abed Rabbo added that the Israeli occupation prisons’ administration is still continuing to isolate four prisoners, they are identified as Wael Al-Jaghoub in isolating “Megiddo” prison 210 days ago, Fadwa Hamadeh 82 days ago in isolation of Damon prison, Omar Kharwat more than 47 days ago, and the captive Nawal Al-Fatiha in  Damon prison a week ago.

Abd Rabbo added that the two prisoners Bilal and Bassam Diab from “Kafr Ra’i” in Jenin are continuing their open hunger strike for the tenth consecutive day in protest against the poor conditions of their detention.

(Source / 30.01.2021)

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