Israeli police represses anti-crime protest in Umm Al Fahm

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli police last night repressed a protest in Umm Al Fahm against the increasing crimes’ rate among native Palestinians and the Israeli authorities’ complicity with the criminals.

Israeli cops arrested five protesters after beating them. Video footage show Israeli under-cover forces arresting protesters. Israeli police used sound and tear gas bombs against the peaceful protesters.

A mass demonstration on Friday took to the streets of occupied Umm Al Fahm, condemning the increasing rate of murders among native Palestinians and the Israeli authorities’ complicity with Palestinian gangs.

Human rights organizations and Palestinian leaders have stressed that Israeli authorities are complicit in murders inside the Palestinian community inside the green line.

Leaders in the community accused the Israeli police of leniency in arrests against criminals whenever the victim is Palestinian. Israeli police also facilitated weapons’ spread among Palestinian gangs. in 2019, indictments were submitted in 30% only of crime committed in the Palestinian community in comparison with 58% among Jewish Israelis.

In 2019, 77 Palestinian have been killed inside the green line, including 11 women.

(Source / 30.01.2021)

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