Israel continues to isolate 4 prisoners in difficult detention conditions

Days of Palestine – Nablus – The Israeli occupation prisons’ administration continues to isolate four Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of Megiddo, Damon, and Hasharon, in difficult detention conditions.

The Prisoners’ Information Office stated, in a press statement, that the Israeli occupation prisons administration continues to isolate the prisoner Wael Al-Jaghoub in the cells of Megiddo Prison for 210 consecutive days.

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In similar circumstances, the office confirmed that the prisoner Omar Kharwat is facing isolation in the cells of Hasharon Prison for the 46th consecutive day.

It also reported that the prisoners carried out several protest steps and demand to end the isolation of the two captives Omar Kharwat and Hatem Qawasma, until the Israeli occupation prison’s administration responded, and the prisoner Qawasma was transferred from the isolation of “Gilboa” prison and then to “Hadarim” prison, while it kept the prisoner Kharwat isolated in the prison of Megiddo.

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The office indicated that the “Damoun” Prison administration continues to isolate the Jerusalemite prisoner Fadwa Hamadeh in the cells of prison for the 80th day in a row, as well as the prisoner Nawal Fatiha for the fifth day in a row.

Both of them are laid in a cramped, dark cell that smells foul, not suitable for human life, and there are surveillance cameras around the clock, denying them any kind of privacy, in addition to the poor quality and quantity of food provided to them.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation practices a policy of solitary confinement against Palestinian prisoners, and it constitutes one of the harsh types of punishment practiced by the prison administration against Palestinian detainees.

The Israeli occupation isolates the captive for a long time in a single, dark and dirty cell that may contain insects or rodents; Which exposes the Palestinian prisoners to physical and psychological illnesses.

(Source / 29.01.2021)

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