38 new confirmed cases of coronavirus among the prisoners in “Raymond” Israeli prison

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated that (38) new confirmed cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Section (4) of “Raymond” prison, which brings the number of infections in the prison to (111) since the first cases were announced in this section on January 11th, and the total number of infections Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic to more than (335).

The Club said in a statement today, Wednesday, that what is happening in Section 4 was totally expected, as a result of the prison administration’s procrastination in taking samples, as well as announcing their results since the moment the infection spread which contributed to the escalation of the number of infections.

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The Palestinian prisoners Club considered that what is happening is a disaster, especially since more than (40) prisoners in the section suffer from health problems, in addition to the presence of elderly prisoners, most of whom are on long sentences.

They added that the conditions in “Raymond” prison, where more than 650 prisoners are prisoned, are dangerous and worrying, especially regarding the conditions of the isolated infected prisoners in Section 8, to which most of the infected prisoners were transferred and isolated recently, as they are kept in harsh and tragic conditions, without the slightest provision of health care conditions.

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It’s to be mentioned that a number of the infected prisoners have also been transferred recently to Soroka Hospital, after the deterioration of their health conditions, the last of whom was Khaled Ghezan.

The prison administration began to give its prisoners the vaccine, expect section (4), after pressures and demands from a number of human rights institutions, which raised after the incitement campaign launched by the “Minister of Security” in the occupation government, which included a declaration to deprive prisoners of the vaccine.

The Prisoners Club once again stated that the occupation prisons administration is fully responsible for the lives of all the prisoners, especially the infected, and called on the International Red Cross Society to work seriously and urgently, to provide a means of communication between the prisoners and their families, under the current circumstances, as well as putting pressure on the occupation, with the necessity of having a neutral medical committee to supervise the health conditions of the prisoners.

(Source / 28.01.2021)

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