Political prisoners from Jenin demand a halt to their trial by PA

Days of Palestine – Jenin – A number of freed Palestinian prisoners protested Tuesday to demand an end to their repeated prosecution and trial before the judiciary for 13 years, against the background of political opinions, in the context of talks about reconciliation and elections.

The leader of the Hamas movement, Wasfi Qabha, called on the government in Ramallah and the Palestinian judiciary to stop the suffering of a group of freed prisoners who have been pursued before the Palestinian judiciary for 13 years due to the state of division.

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He stressed during the solidarity stand in front of the Jenin Court, that the real violation of the law is the trial of these prisoners to the judiciary on the background of their political opinions and the expression of their opinion.

He said, “I have been victorious for the Palestinian Basic Law, and I am in solidarity with 13 freed prisoners who have been on trial for several years over cases guaranteed by law and freedom of opinion and expression, in terms of political and organizational action.”

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He believed that what is happening against these freed prisoners is a violation of the law in terms of the principle of being a guardian of it.

He added, “We refuse to violate the basic provisions of the law and the policy of gagging. These 13 citizens must be ended their tragedy, and we must embody the rule of law and protect it from any partisan interference, and whoever wants to violate the law should bear the consequences of that.”

He continued: “The interlocutors in all places and in light of the of Palestinian reconciliation must work to end the suffering of these people and provide the real infrastructure for the success of reconciliation to devote themselves to face the Israeli occupation and its crimes,” stressing that we can only face occupation crimes through unity, reconciliation, and joint work.

He added, “When talking about reconciliation, the reality requires an end to this suffering and the release of freedoms to face the arrests, killings, and demolitions of homes practiced by the Israeli occupation.”

Our unity is the secret of our strength, and officials and judges must end this file and put an end to the suffering that has lasted for several years, he stressed.

He indicated that there are prisoners of those targeted who were arrested and released, and the case is still pending in court despite attempts to end it.

He concluded: “These young people are oppressed. Their suffering must be ended in order to provide a positive environment for the success of any elections without intimidation.”

(Source / 27.01.2021)

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