Settlers close “Gush Etzion” junction in Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem

Days of Palestine – Bethlehem – Israeli settlers closed today, Saturday, “Gush Etzion” junction, south of Bethlehem, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

Local sources reported that settlers gathered at Gush Etzion Junction, waving Israeli flags, and blocking the movement of the citizens’ vehicles to and from the Hebron governorate.

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In a related context, clashes occured between Palestinians and the occupation forces in the town of Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem.

Local sources stated that the occupation forces stormed the town and threw tear gas canisters on citizens’ houses.

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The sources added that the occupation forces seized the CCTV recordings from the shops.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

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