Palestinians fend off settlers’ attempt to attack the eastern Khan al-Laban, south of Nablus

Days of Palestine – Nablus – The citizens of Khan Al-Laban repelled today, Friday, an attack by dozens of settlers who tried to storm The Khan at the main Ramallah-Nablus road.

Local sources said that confrontations took place between the citizens and the owners of the khan on one side, and the settlers and occupation forces who came to support them and provide protection for them on the other side.

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Khan al-Laban is an archaeological site that was built in the Ottoman era. It has a spring of water which settlers have been trying for several years to control it, the pace of these attempts increased during the recent months, as they attack it every Friday, and it’s to be noted that the occupation bulldozers demolished many expansions, gates, and improvements that were added for the site to protect it.

(Source / 23.01.2021)

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