PLC condemns the Israeli’s kidnapping of MP Mohamed Bader

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Palestinian Legislative Council condemned the Israeli occupation’s kidnapping of the deputy from Hebron Governorate, Dr. Mohamed Bader, after the raid on his house and tampering with it last night, which brings the number of parliamentarians kidnapped in the occupation prisons to eight.

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, the Acting Speaker of the Legislative Council, said that the occupation’s kidnapping of Palestinian representatives is a crime and violates all international laws and norms, criticizing the international silence on the occupation’s crimes against Palestinian representatives.

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Bahar added that Palestinian parliamentary life and democracy were and are still threatened and living in an unsound atmosphere due to the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

He called on the world to take action to stop the Israeli occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people and their elected representatives.

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(Source / 22.01.2021)

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