Palestinian prisoner dying, Israel allows his parents to visit him for only 7 minutes

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The prisoner Hussein Masalma is facing a critical health condition at the Israeli “Soroka” Hospital, after suffering from leukemia in Israeli jails.

The Prisoner Club said in a statement on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation administration has delayed transferring him to the hospital over the past months, where he suffered severe stomach and abdominal pain according to his captive companions, and after his health condition worsened, he was transferred to the Israeli “Soroka” hospital.

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Yesterday, the Israeli occupation authorities allowed his parents to visit him for only 7 minutes, for both of them, as they visited him separately, in the hospital under special procedures, after nearly two years in which they were unable to visit him.

His mother suffers from chronic diseases, while the Israeli occupation prevented his father from visiting him, and according to his father, “Hussein was hypnotized under the influence of drugs, and we even found it difficult to recognize him.”

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The Prisoner Club added that Msallama is a new victim of a set of policies that target the lives of the Palestinian prisoners through systematic abuse tools that fall under the policy of (slow killing), including deliberate medical negligence and procrastination in diagnosing the disease and providing treatment.

Since the beginning of this year, according to the follow-up, the number of sick prisoners has increased compared to previous years.

(Source / 19.01.2021)

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