Hamas holds Israel responsible for the widespread crime in the occupied 1948 lands

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas Movement held the Israeli occupation authorities the responsibility for the spread of crime in Palestinian society inside the occupied territories in 1948.

The movement condemned, in a statement, today, Monday, the “crime of assault and shooting against the former mayor of Umm al-Fahm, and the leading national figure fighting in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, Dr. Suleiman Agbaria.”

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Hamas held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for this heinous crime, resulting from the spread of crimes inside the occupied interior, which contributed through its measures to exacerbate it.

Hamas called on the Palestinian people inside the Occupied Territory 1948 to confront the conspiracies of the enemy, the troublemakers, and the perpetrators of crimes within our steadfast Palestinian society on the basis of divide and rule.

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Hamas expressed its praise of Dr. Agbaria’s great national and humanitarian role in serving his people and strengthening his steadfastness, serving Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, confronting the occupation plots.

(Source / 19.01.2021)

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