Act4Palestine launches a campaign to highlight the Israeli Apartheid Regime

Days of Palestine – Gaza – A media campaign, entitled “Apartheid Israel”  will launch on Monday to demand the international community that ‘Israel’ be held accountable for its ongoing violations against Palestinian people.

The campaign was launched by Act4Palestine, a team of Palestinian youth activists based in the Gaza Strip.

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Recently, international organizations and Israeli rights groups have described “Israel” as an “Apartheid Regime” due to its imposition of “institutionalized discrimination” policy towards the Palestinian people.

Act4Palestine Team announced that the campaign will be launched on Monday at 7 PM (Palestine Time).

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The team called on the public and activists to interact with it and tweet through their accounts on social networking sites on the hashtag #ApartheidIsrael and #ICC4Israel.

(Source / 16.01.2021)

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