Israeli Colonists Burn Two Palestinian Cars Near Ramallah

Several fanatic illegal Israeli colonists infiltrated, on Thursday at dawn, into Turmus Ayya Palestinian village, east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, burnt two cars, and caused severe damage to a third vehicle.

The Mayor of Turmus Ayyad, Wadea’ Abu Awwad, said the colonists infiltrated into the outskirts of the village, and torched two cars, owned by Dia’ Abdul-Majid Awwad and Awwad Ibrahim.

He added that the colonists also caused severe damage to a third car, owned by Hijazi Abdul-Qader Abu Awwad.

Since the village is under full Israeli control, Israeli police officers arrived at the scene, and confiscated the two cars, in what the locals believe an attempt to cover up the crime committed by the colonists. The police also failed to take official statements from the residents.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

Child Injured After Being Rammed By An Israeli Army Jeep Near Jenin

Palestinian medical sources in Jenin, in northern West Bank, said a child was injured, Wednesday, after a speeding Israeli army jeep rammed him while riding his bicycle.

The sources said the child, Obeida Mohammad al-Wahsh, 13, from the al-Yamoun town, west of Jenin, was struck with an army jeep while riding his bicycle when the soldiers invaded his community.

The child suffered moderate wounds before Palestinian medics provided him with the needed first aid, and transferred him to the Jenin Governmental Hospital.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of Palestinians have been killed, and injured, in similar ramming incidents by the soldiers and the illegal colonialist settlers.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

Soldiers Abduct 19 Palestinians Near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, Kafr Malik and al-Mughayer Palestinian villages, northeast of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, searched and ransacked dozens of homes, and abducted nineteen Palestinians.

Media sources said the soldiers caused damage to many invaded homes, and abducted 14 Palestinians in the al-Mughayer village, but later released five of them.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as Ayman Ali Abu Alia, Mohammad Zaher Abu Alia, Hamdallah Jalal Na’san, Abbas Abdul-Hadi Abu Alia, Mo’tasem Mofeed Abu Alia, Qussai Abu Alia, Mustafa Abu Alia, Raed Ghazi Na’san, Odai Najeeb Na’san and Ali Sade al-Hajj Mohammad.

In Kfar Malek, the soldiers also searched many homes before abducting Mohyeddin Firas Hamayel, Dia’ Jalal, Yaman Faraj B’eirat, Ahmad Sa’id B’eirat, Ja’far Safa and Maher Naji.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers posted notes on the homes of the abducted Palestinians claiming that they “hurled stones at the army, and attempted to hurt civilians. (the Israeli colonists)

The note also warns the residents that the army will continue to operate in the occupied territories, and will impose severe punitive measures against the Palestinians.

In related news, several fanatic illegal Israeli colonists infiltrated, on Thursday at dawn, into Turmus Ayya Palestinian village, east of Ramallah, burnt two cars and caused serious damage to a third vehicle.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

Palestinian Teen Shot and Killed by Israeli Police Near Haifa

A Palestinian with Israeli citizenship, Bashar Zubeidat, 19, died Monday from wounds sustained on Friday, when he was shot by Israeli police with multiple live rounds.

In response to his murder, hundreds of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship too k to the streets on Tuesday to protest his death, and several other recent deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli police and security forces.

On Monday, doctors at Rambam Israeli Hospital in Haifa reported that Zubeidat, from Basmat Tab’oun village, near Haifa, died from his serious wounds he suffered, on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Mossawa Advocacy Center for Rights Of Arab Citizens of Israel said it contacted the Investigation Department of the Israeli Police to obtain information about the fatal shooting, and was informed of the allegation that the slain young man was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, and that the driver tried to drive away when the police ordered him to stop. The Center also reported that, during the chase, the police fired many sporadic rounds of live fire at the car, and injured Zubeidat, before detaining two others who were in the car.

The Israeli Police claim that a car rammed a police officer who tried to stop the vehicle in Haifa, before fleeing the scene, and added that the police later located the vehicle, but the driver tried to flee before the officers opened fire again at the car. The police told reporters that they were later informed that two persons were injured and were receiving treatment at Rambam hospital.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

7 Palestinian prisoners test positive for COVID-19 in Israeli Prisons

Seven Palestinian prisoners tested positive for COVID-19 in Israeli prisons, raising the number of Palestinians who contracted the virus inside Israeli prisons to 199 since March 2020.

In a statement, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said that the new infections were reported in the 4th section of Ramon Prison, where at least 90 prisoners are held.

The seven prisoners were among 21 others from the section who had been tested for COVID-19. The rest of the prisoners are waiting for their test results.

The PPS said that 43 of the prisoners in the same prison suffer from various diseases and at least four of them are aged above 60.

It also stated that the number is set to rise, saying that the deliberate procrastinations by the administration of prisons in providing the necessary preventive measures inside sections of prisons is the reason behind the spread of the virus.

It’s also worth mentioning that Israel’s Public Security Minister Amir Ohana refuses to give coronavirus vaccine to Palestinian prisoners, which Palestinian organizations call “racism” and aimed at “increasing the suffering of prisoners and to psychologically torture them and their families.”

According to Palestinian estimates, there are 4,400 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including 41 women, 170 children, and around 380 people held under Israel’s administrative detention policy, which allows the detention of Palestinians without charge or trial.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

The Israeli occupation authorities force a Palestinian to demolish his own house in Beit Hanina

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Palestinian from Jerusalem, Fawaz Abu Hammad, demolished today, Thursday, his own house, which has existed for 10 years in Beit Hanina town in the occupied Jerusalem, after pressure from the occupation municipality in Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Abu Hammad stated that he proceeded to demolish his own house, in which 7 people live, and remove its rubble by a decision from the municipality, in order to avoid paying the demolition costs if it was demolished by the occupation bulldozers.

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He added that the cost of self-demolishing amounted to 28,000 shekels, in addition to forcing him to reduce the height of the wall surrounding the land.

Abu Hammad indicated that he built his house with his own hands, and paid 43,000 shekels for building fines since then, pointing out that during the last session the municipality proposed to impose a new fine on him worth 35,000 shekels, in exchange for delaying the demolition for 6 months, but he did not agree to that, after years of paying fines without the possibility of having a building permit.

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(Source / 14.01.2021)

Settlers set two Palestinian- owned vehicles on fire in the town of Turmus Ayya

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The Israeli settlers continue their rampage against Palestinians in the West Bank, As settlers set two Palestinian-owned vehicles on fire, and broke the windows of a third in the town of Turmus Ayya, east of Ramallah.

Local sources reported that settlers sneaked into the outskirts of the town during the early morning hours and set two Palestinian-owned vehicles on fire and destroyed the windows of a third, east of the town.

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The sources added that the vehicles belonged to the citizens: Diaa Abu Awad, whose car was completely burned, the second to Awad Ibrahim, and the third whose windows were smashed belonged to Hijaz Abdul Qadir Abu Awad.

The sources confirmed that the Israeli police came to the area and confiscated the vehicles from the area, in an attempt to conceal the evidence of the crime.

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(Source / 14.01.2021)

Israeli settlers continue to storm Al-Aqsa

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem– The Israeli occupation forces and groups of settlers Thursday stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and performed Talmudic rituals, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, despite the continued complete closure of the holy city.

Jerusalem sources reported that dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers stormed the courtyards and chapels of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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The sources added that 14 settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the morning period of the daily incursions, under the strict protection of the occupation forces.

These incursions came as part of the daily tours that start from Mughrabi Gate to Bab al-Silsila, passing through the Bab al-Rahma area, during which Talmudic rituals are performed.

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The Israeli settler incursions came despite the continued complete closure of the Holy City, and the emphasis on preventing Jerusalemites from reaching the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Jerusalem activist, Hanadi al-Halawani, had confirmed that what is happening clearly demonstrates that the closure is only in the service of the occupation’s interests.

She denounced allowing settlers and extremists to reach Al-Aqsa Mosque and preventing worshipers whose homes are a few meters away from Al-Aqsa from reaching it.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

Israeli forces kidnap 8 Palestinians from Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation forces arrested eight young men on Wednesday evening after clashes broke out in the town of Al-Tur in occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of “Al-Tur” and raided a number of residents’ homes, which led to the outbreak of clashes, during which sound bombs and gas canisters were fired at the youths and homes.

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They added that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 8 young men who identified as Muhammad Akram Abu Al-Hawa, Khalil Ata Abu Al-Hawa, Ashraf Ghaith, Ibrahim Abu Al-Hawa, Dawood Abu Laban Abu Hatab, Fadi Hijazi Abu Al-Hawa, Adam Sami Abu Al-Hawa, and Tamer Mahmoud Abu Al-Hawa.

(Source / 14.01.2021)

Israeli artillery targets a resistance monitoring post east of Khan Yunis

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Israeli occupation artillery shelled Wednesday afternoon a monitoring post belonging to the Palestinian resistance in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

The shelling came after Israeli allegations that Palestinian resistance fighters opened fire at an Israeli military vehicle that stormed the eastern city of Khan Yunis.

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The Israeli Maariv newspaper claimed that an Israeli army force operating in the Kissufim area at the borders of the Gaza Strip was shot and there were no injuries among the force.

(Source / 14.01.2021)