Report: 100,000 Palestinian martyrs killed by Israeli occupation since 1948 Nakba

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The Israeli occupation army has killed nearly 100,000 Palestinians since the 1948 Nakba.

According to a report published Thursday, which marks the Palestinian Martyr’s Day, around 11,000 of them were killed by the Israeli occupation army since the outbreak of the 2000 Second Intifada.

2014 was the bloodiest year for the Palestinian people, in which 2,240 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli occupation military, 2,181 of them from the Gaza Strip, mostly during the 51-day-long Israeli offensive on the besieged enclave.

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In 2019, the Israeli occupation army shot dead 151 Palestinians and 48 others in 2020.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces gunned down a Palestinian citizen in the first week of 2021.

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Last year, the Israeli occupation authorities withheld the bodies of 13 Palestinian martyrs, raising the number of martyrs’ bodies held over the past five years to 73.

The Israeli occupation is still holding the bodies of 327 Palestinian martyrs, 254 of them date back to 1968, in what is known as the “Cemetery of Numbers.”

(Source / 07.01.2021)

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