Israel to demolish the house of a Palestinian captive

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation army announced the decision to demolish the house of the Palestinian captive Mohamad Qabha on Wednesday.

According to the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv” said that the Israeli occupation army decided to demolish two floors where the captive Muhammad Qabha lived.

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Last week, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Tura, southwest of Jenin, and raided several homes, including the house of prisoner Muhammad Qabha (36 years), and took new measurements of his house to demolish it.

The family of the captive said at the time that the Israeli occupation forces took measurements of the house for the third time since last December, and ordered them t evacuate it, in preparation for demolishing it at any moment.

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The family pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces carried out digging operations in the pillars of the house, after evacuating its residents and gathering them in his father’s house on the first floor.

Last Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities claimed that the captive Muhammad Qabha killed an Israeli settler a few days ago, and indicated that he carried out it in revenge for the death of the Palestinian captive Kamal Abu Waer, who passed away as a result of medical negligence in the Israeli jails.

On December 24, Israeli special units arrested the released prisoner, Muhammad Marwah Qabha, 36, from the village of Tura, southwest of Jenin, and abused his family members.

(Source / 07.01.2021)

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