Israeli forces storm “Ofer” prison and attack Palestinian prisoners

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The Israeli occupation forces affiliated with the Israeli Prisons Administration Wednesday stormed several sections of “Ofer” prison, and began extensive searches, attacking Palestinian prisoners in sections 21 and 22 with gas, and closed all sections.

In a statement, the Prisoner Club said that in light of the spread of the coronavirus, the Israeli occupation prisons administration is escalating the repression and incursions, which form part of the systematic policies it implements against Palestinian prisoners, and which contribute to the possibility of spreading the virus infection, as a result of direct contact between them during incursions.

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There are about 800  Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli “Ofer” jail, including children, was subjected to the most violent confrontation inside prisons last year, through several incursions carried out by the repressive forces, the most severe of which was in September, after the death of the prisoner Dawood Al-Khatib.

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(Source / 06.01.2021)

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