Report: 561 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in 2020

Israeli Knesset passed law compelling social media platforms to monitor and delete any post that it views as inciting against it. Thus, it has intensified violations and tightened restrictions on Palestinian journalists

The Israeli occupation authorities perpetrated 561 violations against Palestinian journalists and media outlets in 2020, a Palestinian government body has found.

In its annual report on Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists, the Government Information Office explained that February had seen the highest number of violations against Palestinian journalists, mostly assaults, shootings, and arrests.

The Office stressed that the Israeli occupation army has used “direct and lethal force” to suppress Palestinian journalists, detain them, raid their houses and confiscate their journalistic equipment as well as preventing media coverage.     

After passing a law compelling social media platforms to monitor and delete any post that it views as inciting against it, the Israeli occupation has intensified violations and tightened restrictions against Palestinian journalists, according to the report.

The report documented 132 cases of journalists detained or put on trials and 122 cases of blocking media coverage of Israeli violations against Palestinian citizens.

The Israeli occupation authorities have systematically used various means of pressure to intimidate and silence Palestinian journalists.

As part of an effort to suppress the Palestinian content on social media, more than 91 cases of shutdowns or warnings to delete Palestinian social media accounts and pages in coordination with the administrations of those platforms.

During 2020, 26 cases of withdrawing ID cards and confiscating equipment of Palestinian journalists and imposing travel ban on them to discourage them from covering Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people had been reported.

The Office warned against the continuation of violations by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian journalists without being held accountable for its crimes against the freedom of the press. 

The Gaza-based body called on the UN Human Rights Council to form an inquiry commission immediately to record human rights abuse and violations of international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Office reiterated the necessity to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its Palestinian journalists in complete disregard for the UN Security Council Resolution 2222, which guarantees providing protection for Palestinian journalists.

(Source / 04.01.2021)

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