Calls for activating international solidarity with Gaza

The Popular Committee Against the Siege has called for making 2021 a year of reactivating the international, Arab and Islamic solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip and resuming the efforts to lift 14 years of inhumane siege on its population.

In a press release on Saturday, head of the anti-siege committee Jamal al-Khudari stressed the need for activating all forms of solidarity with Gaza through popular, legal, parliamentary and institutional efforts.

“It is essential to revive the popular solidarity with Gaza in the European street through organizing marches, sit-ins, protests, events and activities, in addition to networking with rights and legal institutions and activating the legal efforts to criminalize the blockade,” Khudari said.

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He also called for necessarily forming international parliamentary committees delegated to make efforts to end the Gaza siege and resuming the organization of Gaza-bound convoys.

Khudari affirmed that 14 years of Israeli blockade on Gaza caused considerable damage to all aspects of life in Gaza, especially in the midst of the spreading coronavirus pandemic that placed additional burden on the health sector.

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(Source / 03.01.2021)

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