15 Palestinian prisoners infected of coronavirus in Israeli jail

The number of Palestinian prisoners infected with coronavirus in the Israeli Negev desert prison increased to 15, according to the Prisoners Information Office.

The office stated on Saturday morning that the results of new examinations for several prisoners appeared and the number of prisoners infected with the coronavirus rose from 3 to 15.

It pointed out that the Israeli prison service transferred all prisoners infected with the coronavirus in the Negev prison to Section 8 in Ramon prison.

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Most of the prisoners are now believed to have been infected in Section 3 of Negev jail based on the symptoms that began to appear on the prisoners, according to the office.

Meanwhile, the sick prisoners in Ramla prison clinic appealed on Friday to the world, with all its legal, human rights and humanitarian institutions, to save their lives and put an end to their suffering.

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The prisoners conveyed, through the lawyer of the Prisoners’ Affairs and Ex-prisoners Authority, a message in which they said, “We are in danger due to the coronavirus in addition to the occupation’s brutality and deliberate medical negligence.”

They explained in their message that the administration of the Ramla clinic is practicing the worst policies of medical neglect including poor diagnosis, blocking their transfer for treatment in specialized civilian hospitals, depriving them of the necessary treatment, and only give them painkillers.

“The continued international and human rights silence over a crime like this is a similar crime”, the prisoners charged.

The authority indicated that 13 sick prisoners are languishing in the Ramla prison clinic and they all suffer from severe and chronic diseases such as paralysis, tumors, gunshot wounds and others.

(Source / 03.01.2021)

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