PIC, the voice of Palestine to the world, marks its 23rd anniversary


GAZA, (PIC) – On December 1, 1997, the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) was launched as the first multilingual website concerned with the Palestinian cause and the Arab conflict with the Israeli occupation.

PIC is considered the only Palestinian multilingual website, which is translated from Arabic into other seven languages.  
Adopting the slogan “the voice of Palestine to the world and the voice of the world to Palestine,” PIC started its mission, from the first day, with a focus on Jerusalem and all areas of Palestine, standing in the face of the Israeli media propaganda machine, which has always aimed to smear the Palestinian people and erase the eternal truth that the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves and claim their rights, mostly importantly their right to live in peace and with no occupation on their own land.

Since its inauguration, the multilingual website has worked on reaching out to the Western world and providing them with information on the Palestinian people’s usurped rights and their national cause as well as their daily suffering under occupation.

“The website, through its work, confirms its alignment with the Palestinian people’s rights and national constants and the patriots who defend the land and holy sites against the brutal Zionist occupation,” according to a statement published on the Arabic PIC website.

“The website also adopts editorial policies based on credibility, balance and accuracy when reporting events despite the real difficulties and challenges it faces in the field.”

(Source / 31.12.2020)

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