The occupation delaying medical operation for prisoner Maher Rayan

The Israeli occupation prison administration procrastinated in providing treatment to prisoner Maher Rayan, 42, from Hebron, who suffers from severe respiratory problems, and has been in need of a nose operation two years ago.

The prisoner club said that since his arrest in 2003, the prisoner Rayan was attacked by the occupation soldiers, and caused a fracture in his nose, and his suffering continued until he underwent a nose surgery in 2015. His health deteriorated again in 2018, after the emergence Water on the lungs, as he later underwent another operation during which he was withdrawn, but his suffering did not stop, and he still needs another operation in his nose. He has been waiting for two years to set a date for that.

The occupation prisons administration continues its policy of deliberate medical neglect of prisoner Rayan, who has been sentenced to prison (25 years), and delays providing treatment for him and following up on his health.

It is noteworthy that hundreds of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons are facing a policy of medical negligence (slow killing), and recently the prison administration has used the spread of the coronavirus epidemic as an excuse, to transfer prisoners to hospitals and provide them with the necessary treatment.

The number of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons is 700, of whom 10 have cancer, and the rest are suffering from chronic diseases.

(Source / 29.12.2020)

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