Human Rights Group Calls on Israel to Provide Prisoners with Coronavirus Vaccine

Hurreyya (Freedom) human rights group called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to provide Coronavirus vaccines under international supervision to the Palestinian prisoners.

The Human Rights Association (Hurreyya) group called, in a statement on Monday, for the Red Cross to give prisoners these vaccines immediately, which is legal and moral responsibility towards the prisoners.

Moreover, the group called on the international community to oversee the examinations that take place inside prisons, to ensure the safety of examining samples, and to international supervision over the medical care provided to Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons, to ensure the provision of treatment service in accordance with international standards.

The group emphasized that this racist policy comes in the context of deliberate medical negligence policy by the occupation authorities, and the statements of the Minister of Internal Security for the occupation, Amir Ohana, through which he confirmed that he had issued instructions to the prison administration not to give prisoners vaccinations against Corona, which cause an exacerbation.

The suffering of the detainees health, physical and psychological, represents a serious threat to the lives of about 5000 Palestinian prisoners, at risk of death, with the aim of killing them physically.

(Source / 28.12.2020)

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