Ministry of Health in Gaza condemns the Israel’s targeting the vicinity of Al-Durra Hospital

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip on Saturday condemned the targeting of the Israeli occupation warplanes in the vicinity of the Al-Dorra Children’s Hospital in Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City, which terrified dozens of sick children, their mothers, and health workers.

The ministry said in a press statement: “The targeting caused confusion in work, impeded the provision of health services, caused severe damage to the contents of the hospital, shattered windows, and scattered parts thereof inpatient rooms and sensitive sections.”

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It pointed out that the sick children spent a harsh night of fear and freezing cold inside the hospital as a result of the Israeli targeting, which would cause them serious psychological repercussions.

The ministry stressed that the Israeli occupation has not taken any measures to avoid damaging the hospital, calling on all international parties to protect health facilities and spare them the risks of repeated Israeli targeting.

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The Israeli occupation warplanes launched a series of violent raids on targets in the Gaza Strip at dawn on Saturday, which resulted in severe material damage to citizens’ homes and public properties.

(Source / 26.12.2020)

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