Israel suppresses the weekly Salfit march against settlements

Days of Palestine – Salfit – The Israeli occupation forces on Friday suppressed the participants in the weekly Salfit march and prevented them from reaching their lands in the “Al Ras” area, west of the city.

The Israeli occupation fired stun grenades and tear gas at the citizens, and tightened its military measures in the area, due to the lack of citizens’ access to the lands threatened by seizure.

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Ammar Amer, the coordinator of the factions file in the Salfit region, called the National and Central Councils in implementing the popular resistance program, in order to protect the land from seizure and repeated attacks by settlers.

It is noteworthy that this weekly event is held at the invitation of the PLO factions, the Wall Resistance Authority, the municipality of Salfit, the institutions of Salfit Governorate, and the Agricultural Committee, with the participation of the owners of threatened lands and a crowd of citizens.

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Settlers stormed the town of Kafeel Haris, north of Salfit, under the protection of the occupation army, and performed Talmudic rituals, and chanted racist slogans and slogans.

Local sources reported that settlers attacked the house of citizen Jalal Farid Bouzaih, and threw stones at it, wounding two girls, one in the back (11 years), and the other (13 years) in a fainting state due to panic.

The Governor of Salfit, Abdullah Kamil, called for urgent action to stop the repeated attacks of settlers in the governorate, stressing the need for immediate and urgent action at all local and international levels to curb these repeated attacks and barbaric practices against the people of the governorate.

It is worth noting that the town of Kafeel Hares is exposed almost daily to repeated incursions and attacks by the occupation and its settlers.

(Source / 25.12.2020)

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