Tunisian Foreign Ministry denies plans to normalize ties with Israel

In response to media reports that Tunisia will establish relations with Israel, Tunisian Foreign Ministry has denied any plans to do so.

“Tunisia reaffirms that it is not going to participate in any initiatives infringing upon the lawful rights of the Palestinian people and that it is not interested in establishing diplomatic relations with the occupational regime while the latter continues its policies violating international law and resolutions,” the Tunisian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday in a statement.

The ministry also stressed on Tunisia’s respect to the right of other countries to decide for themselves on normalizing ties with Israel.

However, it noted that regional peace would not be possible without resolving the Palestinian issue and ending the occupation of Palestinian territory.

On December 10, Morocco became the fourth Arab country to normalize ties with Israel, following the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan.

(Source / 23.12.2020)

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