Israeli courts issue 5 life imprisonment sentences against Palestinian prisoners during 2020

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The Israeli courts issued 5 new life imprisonment sentences against Palestinian prisoners during the year 2020, according to the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies.

The researcher, head of the center, Riad Al-Ashqar said that the occupation courts issue sentences of life imprisonment (99 years), for every prisoner convicted of carrying out a military operation that led to the death of a settler or soldier, as well as for those responsible for directing martyrdom operations that led to the killing of Israelis. 

He pointed out that the number of prisoners in the Israeli prisons reached 4,400, of whom 2,670 were serving various prison sentences, 543 were sentenced to life imprisonment, and five prisoners were sentenced to life sentences during the current year 2020.

Al-Ashqar considered these issues as racist and unjust, and that the occupation violates all world laws that consider life imprisonment only 25 years, and not 99 years. Moreover, the occupation exaggerates these provisions in order to implement the policy of deterrence against the Palestinians and prevent them from participating in resisting the occupation.

(Source / 22.12.2020)

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