#Save-Mutassim: E-campaign launched to save cancer-stricken prisoner

Mutasem Raddad

GAZA, (PIC) – Activists on social media launched on Friday evening a massive electronic campaign during which they called for saving the sick prisoner Mutassim Raddad, 38. Raddad suffers from cancer.

Raddad is from Tulkarem and has been detained in the Israeli occupation prisons since 2006, as he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He is being held in the Ramlah Clinic prison which the prisoners call “the slaughterhouse” due to the lack of the minimum health conditions necessary for the sick prisoners. 

Since 2008, Raddad suffered from a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which causes permanent bleeding. He also suffers from high blood pressure, a dangerously elevated heart rate, difficulty breathing, nerves and bones problems, blurred vision, and permanent pain that causes sleep deprivation. In 2018, he was infected with a virus that weakened his immunity.

The activist Amir Daoud wrote on the Twitter platform under the hashtag #Save_Mutasim, “60 pills are taken daily, suffering from osteoporosis and cancer, daily pain, and inability to sleep. I met him at the beginning of his disease and his pain was great. He is a permanent resident in hospitals and Ramlah Clinic.”

Other activists interacted with the hashtag one of them, Ihab Miqdad, wrote, “Raddad suffers from cancer and urgently needs surgery and the occupation does not provide him with treatment, seeking to kill him.” 

The journalist Imad Dalloul, the broadcaster of Voice of the Prisoners, said, “Article 81 of the Fourth Geneva Convention obliges parties to the conflict to protect prisoners and provide treatment free of charge, as well as to provide the medical care required by their health condition .. #Freedom_to_Mutassim_Raddad.”

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Club, the number of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons is approximately 700, of whom 300 suffer from chronic diseases and 10 of them have cancer and tumors of varying degrees.

(Source / 19.12.2020)

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