Scenes of Popular Normalization with Occupation

Videos published by Israeli media, with the participation of a number of Emirati and Bahraini personalities of some Israelis in their celebrations and holidays, caused a state of anger and discontent among Arabs.

While the Palestinians’ biggest bet on these peoples was to keep the flame of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, this bet has become under threat after some Arab youth participated in normalizing visits to the occupation state.

Directed Scenes

Political analyst Dr. Issam Adwan explained that all the scenes that are viewed at the media are the creation of the intelligence services that work on filming scenes that may appear natural and spontaneous to the Arab viewer, but in the end they are an orderly and deliberately organised view.

Adwan said: “These scenes are abnormal. Whoever celebrates the occupation of the killing of the Arab people, what has been killed? How can they be considered friends?”, pointing out that whoever celebrates an occupying state for a persecuted homeless people, has both: a sick and Nazi mentality that wants to harm others.

Adwan warned that the Arab regimes, led by the Emirates, are repressive regimes that enslave their people and torture them if they disagree with them in opinion or politics, and many of Arabs, especially in the Gulf states, do not dare to speak publicly of their opinion and support for the Palestinian cause.

Adwan pointed out that an opinion poll was conducted earlier on the Gulf street, and the overwhelming majority were against normalization and against the peace deals made by the UAE and Bahrain with the Israeli occupation state, explaining that these results cannot be overlooked and only talk about the videos published by normalisers.

Arabs’ Culture

The Palestinian writer specialized in Israeli affairs, Dr. Saeed Bisharat, stated that the culture of Arab people stems from what Arab governments have instilled in their minds over the past years.

“What we see at the present time in terms of normalization with the Israeli occupation is a natural result of the subjugation of Arabs, and what is happening in the Emirates now is the fall of the masks of shame that it claimed in previous times and its satisfaction with the current Palestinian reality.”

“The leadership of the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to represent the Palestinian people in its cause, is a leadership that is excessive in security coordination with the occupation and oppresses its people if they disagrees with it. Therefore, Arab governments have followed the same approach and convinced their people that this is normal,” Bisharat added.

He pointed out that relations with the Israeli occupation began since the Palestinians gave approval to the Oslo agreement in 1993, and now the Emirati youths who have not lived or witnessed any wars with the occupation, they have no problem with normalization and dealing with it.

Meanwhile, there are large numbers of Arabs who live inside the occupation entity without any problems, and they have no objection to dealing with the occupation state as if they are one of Israelisn and not an Arab.

Unaccepted Participation

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, said in press statement to a local radio: “The participation of Emirati and Bahraini settlers in celebrating the so-called“ Eid Al-Hanukah ”in Al-Aqsa Mosque is completely unacceptable.”

He added, “All these appearances and attempts to achieve the deal of the century will not in any way affect the understanding of Jerusalem and its position in the hearts of Palestinians, loved ones and defenders.”

He stressed that all those who went to implement the deal of the century are against all religious rules, moral values, and even their Arab originality, and fall into the guilt of implementing an unjust deal against the Palestinian people.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

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