Suspicious Death of Palestinian in Gilo Settlement

The view from al-Wallaja village toward the Israeli settlement of Gilo (image by Ghassan Bannoura)

Local sources have reported that a Palestinian man died under suspicious circumstances in the Israeli settlement of Gilo, near Bethlehem, on Wednesday.

The Quds News Network reported that the man, identified as 37-year-old Abdul-Fattah Obeyyat, was found beaten to death with a noose around his neck, although this claim could not be independently verified by IMEMC.

There was no source identified in the Quds News report, although the paper claimed that they received their information from Obeyyat’s ‘family members.

Quds News quoted his family accusing Israeli settlers of assaulting and killing him. No further information is known about the cause of death.

His corpse had signs of bruises and cuts, which indicated that he might have been assaulted. According to the Quds News report, Obeyyat was a worker in the settlement.

Although some Palestinians work in the Israeli colonial settlements to be able to survive, it is a practice that is frowned upon by most Palestinians, as the settlements are constructed on stolen Palestinian land.

The Gilo settlement has been the site of much controversy in the last several months, as Israeli authorities announced their plans to expand the settlement further onto Palestinian land and to construct a light rail from Jerusalem to the Israeli-only settlement at Gilo.

All Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are considered illegal under international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Eight Palestinians In West Bank

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is abductnight-e1568541297472.jpg

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at night and Thursday at dawn, eight Palestinians, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

The PPS said the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem, searched homes and abducted Hasan Eyas Shahin, 20, in addition to Suleiman Deeriyya, 28.

In Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted Asma’ Oweiss, the sister of Bakr ‘Oweiss, who was abducted by the soldiers three weeks ago.

In Ramallah, in central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Jamal Rabah and Mo’tasem Zalloum.

In Anabta town, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, the soldiers abducted Mohannad Hammad, 19.

On Thursday at night, the soldiers abducted a Birzeit University student, identified as Mohammad Qassem, from Ramallah, and Qussai Abu Khdeir, from Jerusalem.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Soldiers Invade Aneen, Hand Demolition Orders

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday evening, the village of Aneen, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and handed demolition orders targeting eleven kiosks.

Baher Yassin, the head of Aneen Village Council, said the soldiers are alleging the Kiosks were installed without permits from the so-called “Civil Administration Office,” the executive branch of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

He added that the kiosks are owned by Radi Yahia Khaddour, his brothers, Mahmoud, and Mohammad, in addition to Aseed Yousef Issa, his brothers Yazid and Walid, in addition to Ismael Khalil Yassin, Assem Dawwas Issa, Mohammad Nader Issa, Hakam and his brother Ashraf Hussein Yassin.

The army informed them that they have a week to demolish their kiosks, otherwise, the military will carry the demolition out and force them to pay for the cost, in addition to hefty fines and fees.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Israeli Colonists Uproot 250 Olive Saplings Near Bethlehem

A group of illegal fanatic Israeli colonists uprooted, Thursday, 250 Palestinian olive saplings in Kisan village, east of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Ahmad Ghazal, the head of Kisan Village Council, said the colonist invaded an orchard in the western part of the village, and uprooted around 250 saplings.

He added that the lands are owned by Ayyoub Yousef Obeyyat, and were planted nearly two weeks ago.

It is worth mentioning that the village has been subject to frequent Israeli violations, including recent attacks targeting homes, in addition to assaulting shepherds and unleashing their dogs on them and their livestock.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Jordan condemns Israeli law legalizing outposts in the occupied West Bank

AMMAN, Thursday, December 17, 2020 (WAFA) – The Jordanian Foreign Ministry today condemned the adoption by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, in its preliminary reading, of a law legalizing settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank.

In statements published by the Jordanian news agency, Petra, the ministry’s spokesperson, Daifallah Alfayez, condemned the vote, describing it as a flagrant violation of international law and United Nations resolutions, foremost of which is the Security Council resolution 2334 on settlements.

He stressed that the outposts are neither legitimate nor legal, and are based on private Palestinian property, and that the Israeli settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territories, whether building or expanding settlements, seizing lands or displacing Palestinians, is illegal, a unilateral-step in violation of international law, and undermines the foundations of peace and efforts to resolve the conflict and achieve a comprehensive and just peace as well as the chances for a two-state solution.

Alfayez called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by pressuring Israel to stop its settlement policy.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Israeli Soldiers Injure Dozens Of Students, Teachers, In School Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers fired, Thursday, many gas bombs into a school in Aneen village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, causing dozens of students and teachers to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

Media sources said the soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs into the Aneen Secondary School, after invading the area.

Medics rushed to the school and provided the needed treatment to scores of Palestinians who suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, and those who suffered anxiety attacks.

The Department of Education in Jenin voiced an appeal to local, regional, and international human rights and legal groups to intervene, expose the Israeli violations and stop them.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Palestinian man beaten to death by Israeli settlers

Jerusalem (QNN)- A Palestinian man was killed yesterday after being attacked by Israeli settlers at the illegal settlement of Gilo in Jerusalem.

Abdul-Fattah Obeiat, a 37-year-old Palestinian father, was beaten to death during his work at the settlement of Gilo.

Abdul-Fattah’s family confirmed that they found him in one of Gilo settlement’s buildings with bruises and cuts across his body and a noose around his neck.

Israeli settlers violence has long become part of Palestinians’ daily life under occupation.

Israeli forces enable these actions, which result in Palestinians casualties, injuries and fatalities.

Investigations, if even opened, are usually closed with no action taken against the settlers as part of an undeclared policy of leniency.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Israeli settlers vandalized hundreds of olive trees

West Bank (QNN)- Israeli settlers today vandalized around 250 olive trees in the village of Kisan east of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem , according to local officials.

Ahmad Ghazal, deputy head of Kisan village council, told WAFA that the trees, which vandalized by Israeli settlers, belongs to Ayoub Ibayyat who planted them before only two weeks.

Palestinians plant around 10,000 new olive trees in the West Bank each year, most of which are of oil-pro­duc­ing varieties.

However, Palestinians see the destruc­tion of their trees as a way for the occupation to erase Palestinian iden­tity and force them to cede more land to Israel.

According to United Nations mon­i­tors, more than 4,000 olive trees and other tree crops have been burned or removed by Israeli set­tlers and sol­diers since the start of 2020.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

We will remove your corps, said Israeli forces

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli forces threatened Palestinian farmers in Gaza to remove their corps yesterday.

The Israeli forces stuck signs near the Palestinians’ farms that are located near Gaza’s border, threatening them to remove their corps, if they don’t remove them by themselves because the corps are off the permitted area for planting, as the forces claim.

The signs read, “Farmer, your crops are off the permitted area for planting. If you don’t remove them in a short period of time, we will remove them.”

Such attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinian farmers in Gaza are regular. Farmers are prevented from accessing their lands if located within 300 meters from the border between Gaza and ‘Israel’, which ‘Israel’ has declared as a buffer zone off to Palestinians.

(Source / 17.12.2020)

Tunisian lawmakers submit bill to criminalize normalization with Israel

The Democratic Bloc, a Tunisian parliamentary group, announced on Tuesday that it introduced a bill aimed to criminalize a possible normalization of relations between Tunisia and Israel, Anadolu Agency reported.

“Once adopted by parliament, this bill will distinguish between the national forces that speak out against normalization with Israel and traitors and collaborators,” MP Haykel Mekki said at a press conference of the Bloc in the Tunisian capital.

The comments come after Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said Tunisia has no plans to normalize ties with ‘Israel’, insisting that establishing such relations was “not on the agenda.”

Also, Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki on Friday condemned the controversial announcement of normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel.

“As a Tunisian citizen and a Maghrebian, I condemn the Moroccan administration’s normalization with Israel at a time when Israeli illegal settlement and annexation activities and all kind of violations against Palestinian rights are on the rise,” Marzouki said on social media.

(Source / 17.12.2020)