2020 is the most violating year of the right of Palestinian prisoners

The Arab League on Wednesday affirmed that the year 2020 is the most violating year for prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails.

A report issued by the Palestinian sector and the occupied Arab territories of the League stated that the Israeli occupation pursued deliberate medical negligence against the Palestinian prisoners, and ignored the recommendations of international organizations to release them for fear of an outbreak of the coronavirus, in light of overcrowding in prisons and the continuation of administrative detention without an indictment, and further violations of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, and international humanitarian law with regard to prisoners’ rights.

The Israeli occupation sought during the current year to restore the conditions of prisoners to the first quarter of the detention experience at the beginning of the captive Palestinian national movement and worked to prevent visits under the pretext of “coronavirus”, and to isolate prisoners in difficult circumstances.

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The number of prisoners in Israeli jails reached about 4,400 during the year, including 38 female prisoners, 170 children, 500 administrative detainees, and 1,300 sick cases, of whom 80 were in need of urgent medical examinations, in addition to 17 prisoners who were permanently lying in prison clinics.

The report indicated that the current year witnessed an increase in the number of martyrs of the captive movement, as 4 prisoners died as a result of deliberate medical negligence, and everyone who entered the occupation jails was subjected to all forms of psychological and physical torture, which contravenes the basic principles for the treatment of prisoners adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1979 and 1990, respectively, which confirmed the protection of prisoners ’health and medical care for people detained in apparent disregard for the lives of the prisoners, which led to the spread of the coronavirus among them, and the infection of 137 prisoners, without taking the necessary protection and preventive measures to confront the virus.

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The Palestinian prisoners have suffered during the current year from the lack of minimum standards for their human and living rights, as well as the spread of inspection devices, jamming, and cameras in all the corners of the jails, as well as overcrowding, lack of ventilation, poor food in terms of quantity and quality, daily searches, exorbitant financial fines, coldness and humidity in winter and extreme heat In the summer, the denial of visiting lawyers, entering letters and violating religious rituals, failure to provide places of worship, failure to deal with the demands of prisoners in the rituals of Ramadan, holidays and religious occasions, and preventing university education, offering high school and entering books, in contrast to Article 94 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which emphasized the encouragement of Mental, educational, entertainment and sports activities for the detainees.

(Source / 18.12.2020)

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