The popular support for Hamas in Gaza

Every year on this day, the Hamas movement celebrates it’s beginning on the road to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

Hamas Movement Establish

In 1987, several Palestinian workers were deliberately killed in a traffic accident by an Israeli driver, and the events that followed–a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation–led Yassin and six other Palestinians to found Hamas as an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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Popular Support for Hamas

Tens of thousands of Palestinians gather on this day in Gaza City for a rally marking the annual anniversary of the Hamas Movement’s establishment.

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Palestinians and the whole of the world put their hopes on the shoulder of Hamas to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation and that became clear as the Israeli occupation tried to end Hamas by three massive wars against Hamas in Gaza Strip, but they couldn’t. 

Today, we mark the 33rd anniversary of the Palestinian movement of Hamas. The light in the sky of darkness and suffering of the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip. 

Hamas said in a statement that the 33rd anniversary comes in light of the great challenges the Palestinian cause is going through, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, which has posed a new challenge in the Gaza Strip, which has been suffering from an immoral siege for 14 years.

“Hamas movement constituted a milestone in the history of the Palestinian cause since its establishment, and the leadership of the Palestinian people in resisting the Israeli occupation at various levels, reviewing the challenges that the movement faced since its inception until today, stressing that it did not discourage it from fulfilling its duty to awaken the nation, resist the Israeli occupation and direct the helm of all Palestinians to cohesion and unity,” Naseem Yassin, a leader of the movement.

The large turnout of the Palestinians for the celebrates of Hamas anniversaries in both the Gaza Strip and West Bank reflects widespread support for the movement despite domestic and external challenges.

In an attempt to bring down the Hamas movement, Israeli occupation imposes an immortal siege of the Gaza Strip from 2007 to nowadays. Although Gazans live in a very bad situation, they know that Hamas will end the suffering of them at the end.


(Source / 14.12.2020)

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