Israeli forces and settlers slam anti-settlement rally in Salfit

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Palestinian protesters clash today with Israeli soldiers and settlers during a protest against the expanding of Jewish settlements and the Israeli annexation plan, in the city of Salfit.

Local sources reported that Palestinian protestors burned the construction equipment that settlers had brought to build a new settlement outpost and a sheep pens on Salfit lands.

The area witnessed clashes between the protestors and the occupation forces and settlers, including fist clashes between the protestors and settlers who attacked journalists.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested a number of young men during the suppression of the protest, under the order of the armed settlers.

Settlers’ bulldozers began razing Palestinian lands in “Al-Ras” and “Al-Mahjar” areas, west of Salfit, on Sunday morning, which were estimated at 50 dunums.

According to local sources, the bulldozing operations were threats by a settler leader to build a new settlement in the area leading to Ariel settlement established on the citizens’ lands.

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It is noteworthy that Ariel settlement, known as the “settler finger of Ariel,” located several kilometers on a high hill, is expanding at the expense of Palestinian land three times its current area.

It is considered the second largest settlement bloc in the West Bank, and it was included in the new plan that was put by the occupation government in implementation of the annexation plan.

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(Source / 30.11.2020)

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