The occupation arrests 19 citizens of the West Bank

The Israeli army arrested 19 citizens at dawn on Thursday in raids and raids on several areas of the West Bank.

According to the Al-Assir Club, 12 of the detainees were from ramallah towns: Bages Mohammed Barghouti, 22, Suleiman Kanaan, 27, his brother Ali, 25, Ibrahim Afif Barghouti, 24, Mahmoud Ahmed Shenan, 24, and his brother. Ali, 22, all from Kober, Ahmed Hazem Na’asan, 38, Imad Reda Abu Alia, 27, both from Al-Mughair, Youssef Mareeb Abu Diya, William Kamal Abdullah, a former prisoner, and Khalil Hani Shuqir. From birzeit, the young Eid Radwan Ataya from Kafr Nema.                                                                 
According to local sources, the occupation arrested Acer Mohammed Nawaf, Qais Abu Salah, and Mohammed Raslan, a model from the town of Araba, south of Jenin.

Abdullah Amjad Obeid, 15, and his brother Mohammed, who was later released, were also arrested by the israeli occupation from the Jerusalem town of Al-Issawiya, as well as Mohammed Nael Obeid.

Ahmed Jalal, 20, from the town of Beit Kahal, north of Hebron, was arrested by the occupation forces, 23-year-old Ali Jawad Atouna, from the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem.

(Source / 27.11.2020)

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