IOA to Judaize Palestinian property near Ibrahimi Mosque

Ibrahimi Mosque

AL-KHALIL, (PIC) – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is expected to invite bids to Judaize the Ibrahimi Mosque’s vicinity in the Old City of al-Khalil after it rejected petitions filed by the Palestinian municipality of al-Khalil city.

In recent months, the IOA approved a plan to confiscate Palestinian-owned property near the Ibrahimi Mosque in order to build a special path and install an elevator for Jewish settlers to the Mosque, as well as a parking lot, and rest spots.

In a procedural step aimed at pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, the IOA had formed a committee to look into the petitions filed by al-Khalil municipality and leftist organizations against its intent to seize Palestinian property near the Mosque, but later this committee announced its rejections of all objections in this regard.  

Last April, Israeli war minister Naftali Bennett announced that he gave the final approval to the plan to seize Palestinian land and property in the Old City of al-Khalil to build a path and an elevator to facilitate the entry of Jewish settlers to the Ibrahimi Mosque.

According to the Hebrew media, Bennett gave the civil administration’s higher planning council, an affiliate of the Israeli occupation army, the green light to complete all procedures needed to confiscate private Palestinian property near the Ibrahimi Mosque for the project.  

The war minister stressed the need to start carrying the project soon after the plan already received approval from the judicial authorities, Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign minister Israel Katz.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Campaign of raids and arrests in West Bank and Jerusalem

IOF arrests

RAMALLAH, (PIC) – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched a large-scale campaign of arrests and raids on the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, on Sunday night and at dawn Monday.

In Ramallah, dozens of IOF soldiers raided the towns of al-Mughayyir, Kafr Ni’ma and the Jalazon refugee camp and arrested Palestinian citizens.

Clashes erupted in Jalazon refugee camp and IOF fired tear gas canisters and sound bombs towards the homes of residents.

Kafr Ni’ma town, west of Ramallah, witnessed an incursion and violent confrontations broke out between the Palestinian youths and the IOF soldiers, who fired rubber bullets, tear gas and sound bombs.

IOF arrested Muhammad Omar Khwirah, Rasim Shtayyeh and Ali Taha after raiding and searching their homes and tampering with their contents. Saleh Ataya was also arrested and his private vehicle was confiscated.

In Nablus, IOF arrested Jaafar Haddadah from his home on Baker street in the city and arrested Iyad Mansour from his house on Ibn Rushd street in the northern mountainous region of the city.

IOF also broke into the western areas of Nablus city. Hisham Hamed Awada was arrested after raiding and searching his home in the new Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus.

In al-Khalil, a large force of the occupation army raided the Asida area in Beit Ummar, stormed a house, searched it and broke its main door, then arrested its owner Ibrahim Muhammad Abu Ayyash.

IOF arrested Muhammad al-Balouti al-Musalmah after storming his house in Wadi al-Simiya, west of Dura town, south of al-Khalil.

IOF arrested the released prisoner, Abdul-Mahdi al-Zuhur, and Sabri al-Zuhur, from Beit Kahil town, west of al-Khalil. On Sunday night, IOF arrested Rami Jaradat after storming and searching his house in Sa’ir town, east of al-Khalil.

In Qalqilya, violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and the IOF soldiers in Kafr Qaddum village, east of Qalqilya. The IOF soldiers fired at the Palestinian youths.

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli police stormed the house of the martyr Misbah Abu Sbeih in Kafr Aqab, north of Jerusalem. The house had been closed for four years by a decision of the occupation authorities after the martyrdom of Abu Sobeih.

The Israeli police also arrested Muhammad Najib while he was heading to work. Najib is a resident of the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Farmer near Bethlehem

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Armed illegal Israeli settlers, on Sunday, hurled rocks at unarmed Palestinian civilians in the Shushahla hamlet, south of Bethlehem, in south of the West Bank, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

According to local resident Muhannad Salah, stated that he and his elderly father were grazing their livestock, when a group of armed extremist colonists began hurling rocks at them, with the intention of terrorizing them.

The illegal colonialists, presumed to be from the nearby illegal Eliazar settlement, were fought off by locals, and no injuries were reported.

The Israeli settlers across the occupied West Bank continue to harass and assault Palestinian villagers and farmers, meanwhile Israeli soldiers demolish the homes of others, resulting in forced displacement on both fronts.

In related news, Israeli forces, on Saturday, provided cover for dozens of extremist Israeli colonists, who invaded Palestinian property in al-Tuwana village, south of Hebron, in south of the West Bank.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Eighteen Palestinians In West Bank

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Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, eighteen Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, after the army invaded and ransacked dozens of homes, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

In Ramallah, in central West Bank, the soldiers abducted four Palestinians, identified as Saleh Ataya, Mohammad Omar Khweira, Rassem Eshteyya, and Ali Taha, from their homes in Kafr Ni’ma town, northwest of Ramallah.

In Hebron, in southern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Bassem Mahmoud ‘Oqeil, Sabri Abdul-Qader Zohour, 49, and Abdul-Mahdi Badawi Zohour, 56, from Beit Kahil, northwest of Hebron, Saed Ibrahim Badawi, 30, from the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, north of the city, Rami Mohammad Jaradat, 30, from Sa’ir town, northeast of Hebron, Mohammad Abdul-Hamid Masalma, 24, from Beit Awwa, west of Hebron, and Ibrahim Mohammad Abu Ayyash, 37, from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron.

The soldiers also abducted Mohammad Ali Qfeisha, 17, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron city.

In Nablus, in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Omar Eyad Mansour, 29, and Ja’far Yasser Hadada, 32, from their homes in the Northern Mountain area.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers searched homes before abducting Ata Mohammad Dirbas, Ismael Nasser, Rawhi al-Jayyar, Mohammad Najeeb, and Abdul-Rahman al-Basheeti.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Four Palestinians, Including A Husband And His Wife, In Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday evening, four Palestinians, including a husband and his wife, from the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers invaded the Bab Hotta area, before abducting Ahmad Abu Ghazala and his wife, from their home. The two were taken to an interrogation facility in the city.

The soldiers abducted Mohammad Najeeb, from the Old City, while he was at work in Tel Aviv.

In addition, the soldiers abducted a child, identified as Abdul-Rahman Mohammad al-Basheeti, in front of his home in the Old City.

It is worth mentioning that Abdul-Rahman is a former political prisoner, who was just released a few months ago, and was also forced out of occupied Jerusalem for ten days.

In related news, an Israeli court in Jerusalem ordered a detained Palestinian child, identified as Othman Ahmad Jalajel, under further interrogation until this coming Thursday.

Jalajel was abducted on November 11th, and was instantly moved to an interrogation facility.

On Monday at dawn, the soldiers abducted eighteen Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, after the army invaded and ransacked dozens of homes, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Israelis don’t need visas for South Africa, but Palestinians do; why the double standards?

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By Iqbal Jassat 

When I applauded Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for his firm stance against “normalisation” with Israel earlier this month, a friend posed an interesting query. Is it true, he asked, that Israelis don’t need visas for travel to South Africa?

This was an important and timely question, because this embarrassing issue has been swept under the carpet for too long. The answer is yes, it is true; no visas are required for Israeli citizens to get into South Africa.

What’s more, while Israelis are exempt from this bureaucracy, Palestinians are not. Regardless of their faith or political affiliation, not only are Palestinians forced against their will to endure Israeli apartheid in ghettos across the occupied territories, but they also face the humiliation of having to comply with apartheid-based visa regulations imposed by the South African immigration authorities.

The details provided on the Department of International Relations website make clear the shamelessly hypocritical double standards that are applied. In addition to having to apply for visas and the delay that the lengthy process entails, Palestinians have extra burdens placed upon them which do not apply to Israelis; they have also to provide proof of medical insurance, proof of a hotel booking and proof that they have sufficient funds for their stay.

There are a host of restrictions applicable to Palestinians but not to Israelis, yet we are led to believe that South Africa opposes Israel’s brutal military occupation of Palestine. In fact, by applying such measures on Palestinians wishing to travel to South Africa, the government in Pretoria remains an active participant in Israel’s illegal, immoral and unjust occupation.

There cannot be any “ifs” or “buts” about such a contemptible, racist application of visa regulations favouring Israel but punitive towards Palestine. This matter needs to be redressed without delay, and it must be explained urgently by the immigration authorities why double standards are applied which prejudice a people already subjected to the severest of occupations.

If the policy has been in place since the apartheid era, we have had more than 25 years to make the change, so why hasn’t it been done yet? And while officials look into this, they might also explain why Israel’s national carrier, El Al, is allowed to have armed Shin Bet security officials —an agency involved in war crimes — on board its aircraft at Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International Airport, in direct violation of security policies at “Key Points”.

This controversial issue was exposed by both Media Review Network and Carte Blanche on the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. Nothing seems to have been done about it, though.

Solidarity activism in support of Palestine’s freedom struggle against settler-colonialism will remain out on a limb unless drastic measures are taken to ensure that South African government policies favourable to Israel are decimated. The current treachery by despotic Arab regimes under the guise of “normalisation” with the colonial state is to be expected precisely because they are tyrannical dictatorships. South Africa does not fit that mould, and having been freed from the clutches of apartheid, its constitutional values underpinning human rights and dignity cannot be compromised by continuing to pander to Israeli racism.

Whether the South African government is simply turning a blind eye to the security infringement at the country’s premier international airport and the denial of visa-free entry for Palestinians, or pretending to be ignorant of the transgressions, it is an intolerable situation. The ANC-led government will have to do much more than an “embassy downgrade” to demonstrate real commitment to the cause of justice for Palestine, which it is supposed to be advocating.

The current visa requirements should be reversed without delay by lifting the requirements imposed on the Palestinians and imposing them on Israelis. The settler-colonial state has to understand that the world is aware of its apartheid nature and that its brutal occupation is unacceptable to the people and government of South Africa. We rid ourselves of one apartheid regime; we cannot support another.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

‘Israel’ demolishes house in Kafr Qassem

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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli authorities demolished a house in the village of Kafr Qassem in occupied Palestine today.

Local sources said the house belongs to Alaa Oudeh, noting that the Israeli court of Tel Aviv rejected an appeal by Oudeh’s lawyer to freeze the demolition order.

Palestinians inside the Green Line have been targeted in an Israeli campaign to restrict construction and increase demolitions.

The Israeli policy of house demolitions is the same inside the Green Line and in the West Bank and Jerusalem as well. In 2012-2014, Israeli authorities issued 1,336 administrative demolition orders, around 97% of them against Palestinians, who make up 20% of the population inside the Green Line. Some of the demolition orders targeted entire Palestinian villages, as in the case of the Bedouin village Um Al Heiran, whose residents have been told to vacate the land for the construction of a settlement. In January 2017 in the village of Qalansawah, 20 miles north of Tel Aviv, 11 Palestinian-owned houses were demolished in one day in a military operation involving 800 policemen.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Pictures| Locals of Arab Al Atrash stand up to Israeli land-grab operation

Occupied Naqab (QNN)- Dozens of locals of Arab Al Atrash village in the occupied Naqab prevented an Israeli land-grab operation today.

Local sources said the locals prevented an Israeli police unit, accompanied by bulldozers, from raiding the village.

It added that the Israeli authorities plan to grab a land in the village.

The occupation state has been targeting what’s left of the Palestinian villages with demolition and land-grab operation, aiming at displacing thousands of native Palestinians, who continue to hold their land.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Gaza warns hospitals reaching Covid-19 breaking point

The blockaded territory will soon run out of ventilators, intensive-care beds, say public health advisers

gaza covid-19 afp.jpg

Gaza’s health system could be overwhelmed by next week because of a surge in coronavirus cases, health advisers warned on Sunday. 

The blockaded territory has almost run out of ventilators and could have no space in intensive-care units in 10 days’ time, said Abdelraouf Elmanama, a microbiologist who is part of the enclave’s pandemic task force.

“In 10 days the health system will become unable to absorb such a hike in cases and there might be cases that will not find a place at intensive-care units,” he said, adding that the current 0.05 percent mortality rate among Covid-19 patients could rise.

Overcrowding among Gaza’s population of two million and the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt have long caused concern about the virus’s potential impact, but the territory had escaped a major outbreak until August. 

That has changed since then, with almost 15,000 cases and 65 deaths recorded. 

The World Health Organisation’s local health lead, Abdelnaser Soboh, noted that a fifth of tests were coming back positive, with many from people aged over 60. 

Numbers from the UN’s humanitarian office, OCHA, show ever-rising figures in Gaza, with 891 cases recorded on Saturday, the present record high. 

On 15 November authorities imposed a number of restrictions, including banning movement in the worst-hit areas, demanding shops close by 5pm and banning indoor visits of more than 15 people. 

“This is a dangerous indicator since most [of those over 60] may need to be hospitalised,” Soboh said.

“Within a week, we will become unable to care for critical cases.”

Israeli Minister of Science and Technology Izhar Shay said on radio his government will facilitate humanitarian aid but will not ease the blockade on Gaza, which it claims restricts the access of weapons to the ruling Hamas organisation.

(Source / 23.11.2020)

Israeli forces raid, search high school east of Qalqilia

Israeli forces raided today a high school for boys in the town of Jit, east of Qalqiliya in the northern West Bank, according to a local official.

Head of Jit village council, Amr Yameen, told WAFA Israeli army soldiers raided and thoroughly searched the classrooms despite efforts by the faculty staff to prevent them.

Israeli forces, private security guards, and settlers launched an average of 10 attacks per month on West Bank kindergarten and school students, staff and facilities between January 2018 and June 2020, a new report by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) – Raided and Razed: Attacks on West Bank Education – revealed.

Read More: Israeli forces crackdown on peaceful protest east of Ramallah

Over the span of 30 months, 296 attacks against education by Israeli forces or settlers and settlement private security guards took place during 235 separate incidents, said the report.

(Source / 23.11.2020)