Video| Israeli soldiers deliberately target peaceful protesters in Ramallah

“Shoot him! Shoot him!” shouts an Israeli soldier, ordering to shoot a peace activist

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Ramallah (QNN)- A new video emerged, showing Israeli soldiers on Friday deliberately shooting Palestinian peaceful protesters aiming at murdering them in what appeared like a hunting game for them.

The video footage shows an Israeli soldier ordering another to threaten the peace activist Abdullah Abu Rahmeh few seconds before the soldier shoots at the young man wounding him in his shoulder.about:blankInsluiten URL

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The incident took place on Friday during an Israeli raid into the village of Kafr Malik in eastern Ramallah, where locals protested against the construction of a new illegal settlement outpost in their village.

Israeli soldiers and settlers used live and rubber-coated metal bullets as well as tear gas canisters against the peaceful protesters. Several protesters were wounded and suffocated during the attack.

In the same context, Israeli soldiers arrested a medic, who was providing medical care for wounded protesters during the Israeli attack. the medic has been identified as Muhammad Hamed (26 years old).

(Source / 21.11.2020)

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