Bahar praises the South African freedom fighter, Mandela Mandela, in support of the Palestinian cause

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Days of Palestine – Gaza – In a phone call to Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, the Acting Speaker of the Legislative Council, praise the South African positions in support of the Palestinian cause. 

According to the Media Department of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza Strip, Dr. Bahar called the grandson of the anti-racism leader in South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and thanked him for his country’s great positions in support of Palestine.

Dr. Bahar recalled with Representative Mandela, the late Nelson Mandela’s stances, heroism, and his famous saying that “the freedom of South Africa is not complete until the liberation of Palestine, and that the Palestinian issue is the greatest moral issue in the world.”


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He praised MP Mandela’s positions during his intervention in the international conference held by the Special Committee on Palestine at the United Nations recently, in which he spoke about the right of return and stressed the need to stop all Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, especially demolition and settlement operations.

Dr. Bahar called to form a global opinion advocating the issue of the prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, pointing out that their just cause needs an international parliamentary effort to support them, especially the prisoner Nael Barghouti, who entered his 41st year in the occupation prisons.

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On the other hand, Representative Mandela affirmed his continued support for the Palestinian cause and work with the Palestinian Legislative Council to support the just rights of the Palestinian people and their national cause.

Mandela made it clear that he devoted his life to moving forward with the march of his late grandfather Nelson Mandela and supporting the Palestinian people, pointing out that in South Africa they feel the suffering of the Palestinian people, especially since they lived through the apartheid regime.

At the end of the call, Dr. Bahar, invite MP Mandela to visit Palestine and the besieged Gaza Strip.

(Source / 21.11.2020)

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