Hamas condemns Bahraini foreign minister’s visit to Israel

Days of Palesitne – Gaza – The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced Bahraini foreign minister Abdul-Latif az-Zayani’s visit to Israel and his request to exchange ambassadors with the occupation state, describing it as a “sinful step.”

“The Bahraini foreign minister’s visit to the Zionist entity and his friendly talks with the criminal leaders of the occupation is morally condemned and rejected by the Arab nation,” Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said in press remarks.

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“Bahrain’s request an exchange of ambassador from the Zionist entity reflects the Bahraini regime’s insistence on deepening the national sin that it had committed when it signed the normalization deal [with Israel],” spokesman Qasem added.

He also described Bahrain’s intent to exchange ambassador with the occupation state as “contrary to the Arab values an act of antagonism against its people’s national interests, and warned that this step would contribute to further tensions in the region.

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The Hamas spokesman stressed that following this visit, Bahrain became an accomplice in the crimes and aggression being committed against the Palestinian people, their rights and land.

(Source / 20.11.2020)

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